2014-09-15 A form letter from the Info. & Priv. Commissioner is being rec’d


  • Here is a draft report by Dr. Volkow of the US. In it she summarizes many of the studies, guidelines, health effects associated with RF radiation, especially as it pertains to children and wifi in schools. Most schools in BC have wifi, even those with cabled internet access. Trustees and principals have been told that wifi is necessary for the 21st What is needed for a good education in the 21st century is a good teacher who can teach children how to use computers to access information. This can be done more efficiently and more safely by use of fiber optic cables. Please, share this info. with teachers and parents, who can bring pressure to bear on school boards and principals.  This RF radiation is the same type emitted by $$meters.


Many researchers have found that our bodies can put up with a lot of abuse during the day if we can escape to our “refuge” and sleep well, free of RF, at night. This is more important for children than for adults because they are more vulnerable. But $meters are invading our refuge, eliminating the possibility of escaping from the exposures so that our bodies can recover from their daytime exposures.




  • Attached is a summary of a meeting members from Salt Spring had with their MLA Gary Holman. From reports, Mr. Holman expressed interest, listened intently about the fires and the failures that have occurred in BC, and that have been denied by Bill Bennett and BC Hydro. Hopefully he will encourage other members of the NDP caucus to bring this issue to the attention of the public and the legislature.

 Read Summery here


  • We should keep track of the MLAs and their reactions to the fire issue. Many are refusing to meet with constituents, having their assistants send a form letter or refusing to make appointments, our elected representatives are “too busy” during this long off season to meet with those who pay their salaries. Others are indifferent, saying there is nothing to worry about, Bennett says they’re safe. Others seem to be concerned, have met with constituents – will they follow through??  Here is a form where you can input info about your experience with your MLA. http://sios.ca/emr Information will be put on a chart that will be available for public viewing and can be kept as a reminder for the next election.


  • Is this next for BC – the same $meter battle re. gas? It could be if we lose the battle on the $mart electric $meters.



  • More warnings about the vulnerability of the grid.



  • A jammer to prevent or at least make spying harder.





Everyone is getting this form letter from the Info. and Privacy Commissioner’s Office, which is a brush off, an attempt to make you go away. They need to be called on it – and made to confront the information that is in the fire report. as the recipient of the letter said, having BC Hydro say they don’t believe the meters pose a risk makes him feel “so much better!!!!”  If there were a problem, Hydro would inform that office…   so go away.


To: __________________
Sent: Monday, September 15, 2014 4:21 PM
Subject: RE: Smart Meter Fires in British Columbia

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your email.

I am responding on behalf of Commissioner Denham to your correspondence regarding alleged fires involving smart meters, and your request for an independent review of the findings of the Commissioner’s investigation report of December 2011 regarding BC Hydro’s implementation of smart meters in British Columbia.

There is no mechanism for appeal of the investigation reports of this office.  Therefore, we are not in a position to review this office’s investigation report of December 2011 regarding BC Hydro smart meters.

With regard to your concerns about smart meters and fires, we have spoken to BC Hydro about these concerns. They inform us that the smart meters installed in BC are manufactured by a different company than those in Saskatchewan.  Further, BC Hydro informs us that they do not believe the meters they are using pose a risk of fire that would require public notification under s. 25 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  Our office trusts that, if anything were to change with respect to this issue, BC Hydro would inform our office and would also notify the public. We will not be investigating this matter further at this time.

We do remain in consultation with BC Hydro on the implementation of smart meters from a privacy and security perspective, which is in keeping with our mandate to oversee the privacy practices of public bodies and private organizations under FIPPA and PIPA. However, BC Hydro is ultimately responsible for ensuring its ongoing compliance with FIPPA.


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