2014-09-14 Electromagnetic “noise” disorienting birds

  • Attached is an article about Hydro’s disconnecting the power for the Hill family, and an interview with Hydro justifying it.  Please note Hydro’s continued implication that all $$meters are reporting data remotely and are fully functional, using this to explain why fees are being charged to us. None of this is true, just as much of what Hydro has been telling us for the last 4 years is not true.

READ HEREBC Hydro cuts power

READ HERE – BC Hydro interview

  • A followup to the batch of recent fires that seem to be related to $$meters in Nevada.



  • Somewhat non-$meters. Exposure to RF has been shown to weaken the blood brain barrier and other cellular walls,  allowing toxins to gain access to cells. For years, people who are sensitive to RF have been advised to remove amalgam fillings which have mercury. As far as I know, the US and Canada are the only major countries still allowing amalgam fillings to be used. Mercola has provided some excellent background about the pressure from the industry, from the government, and from some dentists on dentists who refuse to use this dangerous substance. The industry wants to keep using this because it’s cheap.



  • Devices like $$meters are polluting our environment, and causing major problems for our wildlife and pollinators.

Electronics’ noise disorients migratory birds
When European robins, Erithacus rubecula, were exposed to the background electromagnetic noise present in unscreened wooden huts at the University of Oldenburg campus, they could not orient using their magnetic compass. Their magnetic orientation capabilities reappeared in electrically grounded, aluminium-screened huts, which attenuated electromagnetic noise in the frequency range from 50 kHz to 5 MHz by approximately two orders of magnitude. When the grounding was removed or when broadband electromagnetic noise was deliberately generated inside the screened and grounded huts, the birds again lost their magnetic orientation capabilities



also related – http://www.prlog.org/12299815-dept-of-interior-attacks-fcc-regarding-adverse-impact-of-cell-tower-radiation-on-wildlife.html


And Dr. Mercola, who has been warning people about RF and telling women not to carry cell phones in bras, has circulated this which will reach a wide audience.



  • $$tupid water meters have caused many problems in Michigan:



  • I realize fully that there is no comparison with our class action and the govt’s action regarding teachers, but there is a significant similarity. The Liberal government has consistently thought itself above the law, ignoring court rulings, and displaying a contempt for democracy. We cannot let them violate our charter rights.




From a member about prior communications with a Liberal MLA. I hope someone will get a response in writing to the fire issue. Is she willing to investigate?

If One of your members hopes that Stephanie Cadieux will intervene on his behalf, he is sadly mistaken. I too complained to her and was fortunate enough to get a call from her. However, she was very blunt about the fact that she supported smart meters and get this, fully supported the implementation of  peak period billing. If this is not an indication of what the Libs have in mind then I do not know what is. She is a cabinet minister and in my mind, reflects the government’s policy, even if it is not yet enacted.


Sent to newspapers by a member. Want to bet if it will get printed??


After charging us for reading a “legacy” meter – which means an analogue, since December, 2013 to July , 2014 – a period of 8 months at an average of $33 per month , totally $264, not including any taxes, interests and penalties – guess what? They have not actually read this meter since Feb, 2013, for a period of 14 months! 

They have now deemed it fair to refund us $55 for missed meter reading fees. Hmmm…..it’s scary how this is yet another example of how BC Hydro does math to save us money and how they treat their customers!

You may want to check when they last really did a reading on your analogue







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