2014-09-13 Fires in Nevada.

  • Another fire, this one in Nevada, and again with Sensus. Many reports of “consumed meters” which result in a fire report that says the cause in undetermined. Reports in BC say the same thing – that the potential “igniter” was too damaged to determine if it was the cause, or, in some cases, it was destroyed. The meter is combustible – a perfect scenario for denying responsibility. Prove it!! when the meter is gone, destroyed, or taken by Hydro.



  • Hydro is becoming very aggressive, as experienced by one member. I can’t explain what was going to be done – perhaps the $meter was going to be installed, which is part of the condition for getting power back on.

I almost had my power disconnected on Tuesday due to unpaid legacy fees at my home and the homes of my two daughters. Good thing I had my meter secured because she had some kind of tool with her, the shape of a meter. Looks like she was going to replace my meter.  She gave me some time to make payment arrangements, but she said she would be back to remove the barrier around my meter if the bill wasn’t paid by the end of the day.

Isaac Jamieson from the UK has shared 2 major reports, one re RF studies re. health effects from around the world. The second is a call to demand our govts. take precautionary steps to prevent a total disintegration of the grid by attack or solar storm. Major agencies like the CIA, FBI, US Homeland Security, the US Congress have warned that an accident or attack could bring the electrical grid down, causing us to return to the dark ages. Dr. Jamieson says life as we know it will stop. All MPs, MLAs, the media are ignoring these warnings. Why?

‘RF/Microwave Radiation and Risk Awareness’: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1WYB3BT_ezbalhJei1nWTNNMkk/edit?usp=sharing

‘Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Risk Awareness’: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1WYB3BT_ezbOTdLYTBnV0RKRjg/edit?usp=sharing


  • Net metering with an analog is possible. From a member.

A few years ago there was a photo of a home in Ontario with two meters;

One was a digital smart meter which received power from Ontario Hydro

The other was an analog type meter that sent the power back to Hydro that was produced by solar power.

Originally Ontario Hydro paid about 80 cents peer KWH. (2009-2010?) They then reduced it to about 60 cents per KWH (I don’t know when)

A smart meter cannot run backwards, an analog meter can!


  • From a member who has gone off grid:

Interesting email from Mr. Drobish re going off-grid.

We did not want a $meter when the first installation blitz happened. We refused the installation, and immediately started working towards an off-grid power system. We went completely off grid in February of 2013.

Our home was not planned, constructed, or situated with the idea of being off-grid, though I must say, it has worked out better than expected. We are operating with a 2115 watt bank of solar panels, a storage bank of lead-acid batteries, and a 3000 watt diesel generator. The generator is needed for about 300 hours a year for battery charging, mostly in winter, of course. A solar collector provides hot water most of the year with wood heat back-up for mid-winter. We’ve always used propane for cooking, so no change there. Much of the grunt work of installation was done by ourselves, with expert and licensed technician and electrician to do the actual design, wiring, and permits.
Cost was a lot less than anticipated, partly due to the fact that we provided most of the unskilled labour, and we use a generator that is apparently of small capacity (and cost) but is completely adequate for the job and uses an average of 1Lt of fuel per hour.

Being off-grid had a significant initial outlay, but we have no power outages, appliance repairs due to voltage spikes, and no more hydro bills.

YMMV, but it sure works for us, even though we are in a very much less than ideal location for solar.
No hesitation in recommending that others at least look into the possibility of being off-grid.


  • Wireless devices are much more vulnerable to hacking than are wired/landline connected devices. In Malta there have been many cases of electricity theft. Probably the same is occurring everywhere. We’ve been told that even children have been able to hack $$meters with their cell phones!!





My complaint to the Ombudsperson.


  1. Which authority (ministry, municipality, school, college, or hospital, etc.) is your question or complaint about?
BC Hydro, Minister of Energy
  1. Who have you dealt with at the authority?
Multiple people: Greg Reimer, Patrick Wruck of the BC Utilities Commission, Mr. Bennett’s office, MLAs
  1. Summarize your request for information or your complaint. List any steps you have taken to try to resolve it:
In July 2014 Mr. Bennett agreed to offer opt out options for those of us resisting having smart meters on our homes for reasons of health, safety and security. He ordered BCUC to approve rates submitted by BC Hydro to cover the costs for additional services to read our meters manually. The BCUC was presented with info. from BC Hydro indicating that everyone with smart meters had their meters read remotely, saving money for meter readers, etc. therefore the cost of $32.40 per month was approved.
The fact is that many smart meters are being read manually and will be for some time. These are being read, receiving the same service as those of use with analog meters, and are not being charged additional fees.
This is in violation of the Utilities Commission Act which says that everyone is to be charged the same fee/rate for the same service.
The BCUC was misled by Hydro’s implication and cannot, under order of the Directive 4, amend the fees.
The fees we are being charged are discriminatory and are punitive, rather than required for additional services being rendered.
  1. Did you file an appeal or apply for a review? If yes, when was the last appeal or review and what was the result?
yes, I did, with the BCUC. and I was told that due to orders in the Clean Energy Act and directive 4, they were unable to get involved in the smart meter program.
  1. Why do you believe the actions taken against you were unfair?
Those of us with analogs (legacy meters) are being charged for the same services others are getting for no additional fees, in violation of the Utilities Commission Act, and counter to Directive 4. Directive 4 says the charges should be applied for additional services that were required because we do not have smart meters. We are not receiving or requiring services that are not being provided to smart metered homes.
  1. Describe the result or outcome that you seek.
I wish for the charging of “legacy fees” to end, and for those fees collected to date to be refunded.
  1. If you consider the matter urgent, explain why.
Many people are in desperate financial difficulties because they cannot have smart meters on their homes due to health problems. Many are suffering financially, having to choose between food and electricity and it will get worse for them as winter approaches and electricity costs increase. This is grossly unfair.



From a Green Party member. It seems they don’t distinguish between issues that could end up killing people or destroying property, and  “other”  issues.


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From:wyatt.tessari@greenparty.bc.ca” <wyatt.tessari@greenparty.bc.ca>
Sent: Friday, September 12, 2014 5:41 PM
Subject: Re: Petition: it’s time to end this strike

thanks for signing the education petition!

In terms of Smart Meters, the Party hasn’t been making statements recently mainly because of the urgency of other issues at hand in the province – with very limited resources there are many issues we’ve had to delay on.

I hope this answers your question.

Best Regards,

Wyatt Tessari
BC Green Party

On 2014-09-09T15:32:27-07:00,  wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> Sure, I’ll sign the petition. I support the teachers…
> When is the Green Party going to make a statement with regard to BC Hydro’s $MART METERS disregard for concerns regarding, health, privacy, security, and safety? The precautionary principle should apply.

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