2014-09-09 Sensus paying full costs to remove $$meters in Sask.

  • This article, though written in Florida about Florida Power and Light and a newspaper, the same could have been written about the media and BC Hydro. The media, if it speaks about our concerns, always gives more space and apparent credibility to Hydro’s same old propaganda. Money speaks, and the govt and Hydro use our money to get their voices heard.



SaskPower to recover $47M cost of removing smart meters – CTV Regina – September 09, 2014:

SaskPower says smart meter company will pay back $24M in cash – CBC News Saskatchewan – September 09, 2014:

– http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/saskpower-says-smart-meter-company-will-pay-back-24m-in-cash-1.2760793

There were 8 “failures” where there was smoke or melting meters, without fires, very similar to some of the “failures” I included in the Fire Report, but which the govt. and Hydro deny occurred (even though the basis for much my information was BC Hydro, BC Safety Authority or the Provincial Fire Commissioner”. )

Question from a member.

I have a caged and locked Itron Type CS1 digital meter and phone in my readings every two months. Today, September 9, my meter read 22044, exactly THE SAME reading that was read by BC Hydro on or about August 15th!? I am using power normally with my last bill $95. My meter has performed perfectly for seven years and the seal is not expired.

This is very suspicious. I’m wondering if there is any way BC Hydro could intentionally subvert the meter or bypass it as a pretext for changing it. Please post this and let me know  if anyone else has reported a similar phenomenon.

If you have had a similar situation with your meter, please email me at director@stopsmartmetersbc.ca  with “meter problem” on the subject line.





Another complaint to the Ombudsperson that is being shared by a member:   https://www.ombudsman.bc.ca/how-to-make-a-complaint  Please file yours!


Confirmation of Receipt of Ombudsperson – Online Complaint Form:

Work Phone #:
Fax #:
Best time to contact you:      afternoon
Please enter any contact restrictions:  _______________
How did you hear about our office? general knowledge from being a resident of BC

1 –   Which authority (ministry, municipality, school, college, or hospital, etc.) is your question or complaint about?

BC Hydro, BC Liberal government

2 –   Who have you dealt with at the authority?

  Various BC Hydro employees and government representatives

3 –    Summarize your request for information or your complaint. List any steps you have taken to try to resolve it:
The BC Liberals have stripped the BCUC of the role of an independent review of the “smart meter” program (mandated under the BC Clean Energy Act, 2010) and the extortionate behavior of BC Hydro in charging discriminatory fees (Legacy Meter charges of $34.20 per month, and Failed Meter Installation fee of $65.00) for the same meter reading service provided to others without charge. If this is not discrimination and extortion then all hopes of democracy in BC are lost. I have sent many emails asking that BC Hydro not harass me any more and wait until the Class Action suit presently involving BC Hydro is settled in the courts.

4 –   Did you file an appeal or apply for a review? If yes, when was the last appeal or review and what was the result?
 All I get in response to my communication with BC Hydro are misinformation about the “benefits” of the smart meter program. Instead of providing a public service they are ripping us off at every opportunity.

5 –    Why do you believe the actions taken against you were unfair?
The function of BC Hydro is to provide electric service at a reasonable cost to the citizens of British Columbia. Instead, management has enriched themselves and their political buddies at the expense of their customer base. Why should I pay extra to have my analog meter read every two months (at a charge of $64.80 every two months} when some customers with “smart meters” pay nothing even if their meter is required to be read by the same meter reader that reads mine? Is that not a discriminatory charge?

6 –  Describe the result or outcome that you seek.
All BC Hydro customers should have the democratic right to refuse the installation of a smart meter on grounds of privacy, health and safety if they so choose. They should not have to pay any extra fees to keep the safer, cheaper and longer lasting analog meter (or Legacy meter as BC Hydro now likes to call it). I would ask that the Ombudsman direct BC Hydro and the BC Liberals to put an immediate halt to the insanity of the “smart meter program” and the ridiculous extra costs being passed on to the consumer of electricity.
7 –  If you consider the matter urgent, explain why.

Every time my BCHydro bill arrives I am being extorted to pay fees that are both discriminatory and undemocratic. When did I ever consent to any change being forced on me against my will? Why are my Human Rights to privacy and the peaceful enjoyment of my property being ignored?

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