2014-09-08 Manitoba halting plans for $meters

1) Manitoba not proceeding with smeter program, concerned about various issues, including fires.


2) In Australia, the costs projected for the smeter program are being questioned. Has anyone asked why BC Hydro paid more for the ITRON meter and the program than any other place – as much as 2-3 times what other places have paid?? Could it be because the government refused to allow oversight? Could that be why the government refused oversight?


3) The issue of privacy is paramount with many of us – but the grid has no guarantee that the data gathered from our homes will not be used. Instead, the possibility of sharing data is very great. In the UK, sharing the grid (the collectors have 8 transmitters, already very convenient for users in addition to BC Hydro) is being considered, and they are wondering “who will own the data?”  It seems it won’t be the individuals.


4)In Florida, as in BC, the utilities are acting like out-of-control bullies, charging for services not rendered, charging extortion fees, turning off power. Only when the media got involved did anything help one 88 year old with medical problems.  Where is our media??


5) A member received confirmation in writing that we are being discriminated against, especially those on equal payment plans.  The BCUC made BC Hydro reduce (not eliminate) fees when the meters weren’t read as they are supposed to be, every second month. But those on equal payments will not have their legacy fees reduced and neither will their meters be read regularly.

I wrote to Jim Nicholson, Director of Customer Care regarding lack of clarity in Hydro bills. Daren Sanders, Senior Manager, Customer Service Operations responded. Mr. Sanders sent me a detailed, 13-page response, detailing months of hydro charges. He highlighted all the legacy meter charges. I was $227.00 in arrears, waiting for the meter reading charges to be clarified. Since Dec. 2013, the meter readings alone have cost me $240.43. (Not paid to date.)

Summary of his response: My meter is scheduled to be read every two months, and I have to pay $32.40 every time it’s read. On the months not read, there is also a charge. (Not specified.)
If I go on the equal payment plan, the meter reading charges will remain the same because my analog meter has been scheduled to be read every two months. (This, in spite of the fact that when I was on equal payment, they rarely read my meter.)

With the response came a second letter – a Disconnection Notice re: $227.00. It warned me that “a reconnection charge of up to $355 may apply”.
Hydro has charged me $64.80 per two-month period, on three occasions to date: Jan – Mar, Mar – May, May – July. However Dec 2, 2013 – Jan 10,2014, the fee was $46.03.

I plan to write yet another letter requesting clarification.


http://blogs.theprovince.com/2014/09/08/letters-trucking-lower-speed-limit-wars-smart-meters-teachers-strike-christy-clark-mike-smyth/   BC Hydro’s out there with their lies based on false/faulty information, trying to make us believe there have been no fires. I hope you will comment.







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