2014-08-28 MLAs are getting many calls and emails. Please keep the pressure on.

1)   Remember MLAs work for us.  Talk to them

One member spoke with his MLA’s office (he is away). From the sounds of it many complaints re fires are coming in, and another member reported that her MLA said the fire issue is growing each day – and was aware of the Langford fire. GREAT!! Please.  We must all work together on this. If we do not push, it will be easy for the govt MLAs to ignore this, and for the NDP to not know. I believe the NDP will realize that it is time for them to come to our aid. As in Saskatchewan the NDP can ask for us, and stop this horror that we’ve been living for 3 years.  Take the fire report or, at least, the executive summary, to your MLA. Try to see him or her personally. Remember MLAs work for us. And don’t let them try to side track the issue.


2)  Dr Martin Blank:  Safety Code 6 standards are inadequate

Attached is a paper by Dr. Martin Blank explaining why the current standards (e.g. Safety Code 6) which are based on heating (thermal) reactions are inadequate. He argues for standards based on biological effects shown at levels of exposure far below those that cause temperature increases in the body.

Read Dr Blank’s paper here

3)  Blue light from your monitor can affect your sleep

Helpful hint: Blue light from things like computer screens can affect melatonin production, which is necessary for recuperative sleep. Your body can recover from a lot of exposure to junk during the day if it can recover at night. If you use your computer in the evening, you are exposed to blue light. Here is a free program that will reduce the blue light significantly. I can vouch for it – it really makes a difference.


4)  Cell Tower in Nova Scotia rejected

Another victory in the battle against cell towers. Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, armed with an engineer’s report, got Bell to rescind its application.


5)  Smart Meters – Arizona – news

Many in Arizona are aware of the dangers of and the problems with $$meters. Internationally these devices are in danger!!


6)   Note from a member in Vancouver: New Cell Towers

 My son in law tells me that 2 more cell towers are going up in the Causeway from downtown Vancouver to the Lions Gate bridge through Stanley Park. It’s a different company than Rogers, et al.

I had never heard of them before. So every company puts up their own for their own clientelle and we get hammered.

It isn’t in the extreme close proximity to us, but even now driving through downtown I get a headache. The radiationmeter goes up to mid red bars!



Sent: August 21, 2014 3:17 PM
To: Complaints BCUC:EX; Douglas.Routley.MLA@leg.bc.ca
Cc: greg.reimer@bchydro.com; commission.secretary@bcuc.com; director@stopsmartmetersbc.ca; Shingle Editor; Chris Bowers; john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca; Patrick.wruck@bcuc.com; premier@gov.bc.ca; Smart Meters; Jake GCPE:EX; premier@gov.bc.ca; Smits, Betty
Subject: Re: BC Hydro Smart Metering Program

 Patrick Wruck
Customer Service Specialist
British Columbia Utilities Commission
6th Floor, 900 Howe Street, Box 250
Vancouver, B.C.  V6Z 2N3

 Dear Mr. Wruck,

I have received a negative reply from BC Hydro about the $65.00 dollar charge. I believe their charge to be unfair. I proved that the BC Hydro technician or installer from Corix did not know at the time what the the new FM code was, neither the Smart Meter program could answer it as it took them more than a month to reply to my question. I believe I had at least a right to know what is being installed on our home. Unfortunately, BC Hydro has not behaved correctly with respect to prompt information about Smart Meters and its replacement program overall.

Public pressure has forced  BC Hydro to change its original stance on Smart Meters. In many cases the subcontractor Corix had changed customers electrical meters against customers wishes, which had not helped at all, and it has become a public relation issue for BC Hydro.

Neither, has helped the fact that our Government has not being forthcoming on the issue of smart meter fires and how them may affect our health and privacy.

As per your email I’m including the information (personal info.) you have requested to initiate a complaint against BC Hydro and Corix:


To: simon.gibson.mla@leg.bc.ca
Cc: Dalton.MLA, Marc
Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2014 8:25 AM
Subject: Smart Meter Fire in Langford

Good morning, Marc Dalton and Simon Gibson!

My name is XXXX  I live in Mission and I am a member of the Coalition to stop smart meters in BC.

Do you know that Florida has now been added to the list of areas that are ripping smart meters off homes??

At my home based licensed daycare and my family’s home, we are VERY shocked and saddened to see yet another BC family

that has been displaced by a smart meter caused fire!!


This fire didn’t have to happen!

This fire was completely preventable!

WHY do the smart meter problems continue to be ignored and covered up by BC Hydtro while homes are burning up around us!!

I’m pretty sure I addressed this problem to you when I submitted an email along with links to a recent BC Hydro press release as well as a link to a Fire report

that BC Hydro, the BC Energy Minister, the BCUC and The BC Premiere Christie Clarke DON’T want the BC Taxpayers to see!!

They ALL keep trying to lie and cover up the many problems with smart meters, but to have the BC Energy minister, BCUC, BC Hydro and Christie Clarke continue to try to hide, lie and cover them up… makes everyone in and around MY home and business feel SICK inside! How can I explain this kind of cover up and deception to the children in my BC Government regulated and licensed child care facility???

PLEASE, I beg of you… you work for us… PLEASE help us expose these truths about the smart meters before someone (and I pray it isn’t someone you love) DIES


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