2014-08-23 Liberal MLAs given fire talking points that are not true

1) Some members have taken the Fire Report in to their Liberal MLA’s office which has been prepped with erroneous information to counter the Fire Report. The members are being told that there were just as many analog fires as smart meter fires. First, this is highly unlikely or else the Fire Commissioner would have had some code to identify this risk. Second, in his report (which is the only information BC Hydro and this government has to refute The Fire Report) commissioned by BC Hydro and for which he was paid $15,000, former head of the Fire Chiefs Association Len Garis  admitted this on page 3


To further examine any potential negative impact of the smart meters for fire safety the frequency of fires that occurred on an exterior wall where the igniting object was the electrical panel board/switchboard was examined. Only 1 of these incidents was recorded, which took place in the pre-meter time interval.

Len Garis used the Fire Commissioner’s statistics which I’ve shown to be incomplete, inadequate and, even if the stats were credible, show only a reduction in electrical fires. What is the logic in saying because the number of electrical fires was lower than last year that this proves the $meters do not cause fires?

If you are told this by anyone, please tell them that a technical report is being prepared which will identify the design flaws and the lack of due diligence that has resulted in these devices being fire hazards.

The government and BC Hydro continue to lie about this very important danger. Ask Bill Bennett – how many more people must lose their homes, their possessions and, potentially, even worse?? They are playing Russian roulette with our lives and those of our families for the sake of profit.

2) Non-$$meters. Attached is information about an  upcoming hearing concerning radio stations  that are transmitting from a tower virtually on the Canadian/USA border. I am passing this on for those members living in the  Delta/Tsawwassen area.

3)  CYBERATTACK WARNING:  Many experts have been warning that the electrical grid across North America is extremely vulnerable to attack, to solar flares or to accident. When (not if) this happens, it will be catastrophic. The connectivity means that when it happens in one place, the rest of us will suffer. Experts have recommended that there should be smaller grids, perhaps in each province or, even better, every community.  We must make our politicians understand what is facing all of us with the system being planned.



4) In  Saskatchewan, the union  is now saying that the installers (who were given 5 days training before being sent out to exchange meters)  were not the problem. A complete switch from earlier comments. Makes you wonder what happened…..


5) In Baltimore, Maryland, where the opt out cost is $75 initially plus  $11 a month, people are questioning why the opt out fee. It seems that this is one of the only ways a utility makes any money off the $meter program – higher rates, high opt out fees.


6) In India, experts are warning of other health effects, in addition to cancer, caused by RF of cell phones. The professor mentions use of “advanced technology” by cell phone operators in the USA. As far as I know, there is none. Rather, India’s allowable limits of RF is 1/100 of Canada’s Safety Code 6.


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