2014-08-17 Industry and Experts warn of $$meter hacking, invasion of privacy

1) Saskatchewan Energy Minister Boyd explains (in video) why he “pulled the plug” on the $$meter program.


2) A security engineer warns that hackers will exploit $$meters.


3)The industry  is beginning  to acknowledge that hacking, invasion of privacy is a major problem with $$meters and grid.



4) Non-$meter, but important:  Ultra sound scans during pregnancy may not be benign for the fetus.


5) C4ST is helping to organize a seminar for MDs in Toronto. I have asked if there would be an opportunity for MDs who cannot travel to Toronto to participate and this will be considered. If this is possible, I will advise.  It would be a wonderful chance for MDs to become informed about the health risks associated with exposure to RF.  Please share with your doctors and the health authorities, e.g. Dr. Perry Kendall, Dr. Robert Stanwick.


6) Another unsuccessful pilot project but the $mart program continues in Massachusetts.



Sent: August 16, 2014
To: info@oipc.bc.ca
Subject: smart meter fire issues

Dear Commissioner Denham,

I saw your news release regarding the “legal requirements on public bodies to provide people with timely information where there is a significant risk of harm or where information is in the public interest” related to the Mount Polley tailings pond breach.  I appreciate the diligence of your office in its concern for the safety of the citizens of the province. I want to bring to your attention another issue of concern that should be provided to the citizens of B.C. regarding the smart meters installed by B.C. Hydro in the last 3-4 years.

The government, BC Hydro, Len Garis as head of the BC Fire Chiefs Association and the BCUC  have been apprised of fires occurring and have consistently denied it nor have they taken action to inform the public.  I have embedded below a point taken from the most recent post from the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters concerning the fires in Saskatchewan and a report from the fire commissioner in Ontario.  It seems to me that these indicate the need for our public bodies to inform the citizens of B.C. of possible safety concerns related to the smart meters attached to their homes.

My concern has always been more for those with EHS symptoms attributed to the wireless electromagnetic radiation that some people experience.  My feeling is that people should be given the opportunity to choose what they expose themselves to in their own homes. Now it appears there are further reasons to be concerned!

I trust you will use your position to address this issue of public safety and health and thank you for this opportunity to bring it to your office’s attention.

Sent: August 16, 2014
To: info@oipc.bc.ca
Subject: Smart Meters susceptibility to combustion

Dear Commissioner Denham,

In a recent news release you have declared that legally public bodies must tell the public when they find something that poses a significant risk of harm.  Can this same policy not be applied to the smart meters that BC Hydro has installed throughout the province which pose the risk of combustion and subsequent house fires, thus endangering the welfare of the public?  The admission by the Saskatchewan government and by the makers of the smart meters that such events happen randomly and repeatedly should provoke a similar response by the BC government.  Why are the citizens of British Columbia not afforded the same protection?

Thank you,

August 16, 2014

BC Hydro

PO Box 9501

Stn Terminal Vancouver BC V6B 4N1

Attn: Customer Service

Subject:  Account no. XXXXXX


Re:  June 03 to July 31, 2014 billing

Please Note:

While I have always paid our BC Hydro bill in full every month for usage, I DO NOT agree to pay your so-called “Legacy Meter Charge”. As a member of the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters campaign, I truly feel that your “Legacy Meter Charge” is nothing short of “extortion” for those of us who know that Smart (sic) Meters are NOT safe (potential fire), are NOT economical, are NOT cost efficient and have the potential to be a complete invasion of privacy to every single one of your customers.

Because of your continuous harassment and bullying through letters, emails and phone calls threatening me with disconnection of electric service I fear for the safety of my family and myself and I feel helpless that I have no choice but to pay the extortion fee (Legacy Meter Charge).

I strongly believe that the imposed charges $420/year bears no relationship to the actual costs of having an on-site person read the meters every two months and that the threat of BC Hydro’s actions is a fear tactic to effectively coerce the affected persons into the acceptance of smart meters.

According to my records BC Hydro has not manually read my analog meter since the smart meter program was introduced. I have pictures of the actual readings as proof.

As you’ll see, I have made the necessary adjustments for your negative billing this fee to my account for June 03 to July 31.

The adjustments are as follows:

Invoice xxxxxxxxxx for $164.07

Basic Charge (June 03 to July 31): 59 days @ $0.16640/day                    9.82

Energy Charge:

Step 1: 918 kw.h @ 0.07520/kw.h                                                            69.03

Step 2: 0 kw.h @0.11270/kw.h                                                                   0.00

Rate Rider at 5.0 %                                                                                     3.94

Regional transit levy: 59 days @ 0.06240/day                                           3.68

Legacy Meter Charge                                                                                64.80

GST                                                                                                             7.56

SUB-TOTAL                                                                                         $158.83

Late payment charge on previous Legacy Meter fee                                   5.24

TOTAL                                                                                                  $164.07 


Legacy Meter Charge                                                                                 64.80

GST on Legacy Meter Charges                                                                    3.24

Late payment charge on previous Legacy Meter fee                                    5.24

TOTAL                                                                                                      $73.28

An internet banking transaction has been arranged for the amount of $90.79 for energy usage and a cheque # 082 for the amount of $ 73.28 for the “extortion” fee charge which I pay under DURESS AND PROTEST has been mailed via Canada Post.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding to the adjustments made in this bill or if you have concerns of your attempts to force such a device on us and/or your “Legacy Meter Charge”, please do not hesitate to contact “The Coalition to stop  Smart Meters” where you will find the contact information of our legal counsel.






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