2014-08-11 10th fire in Saskatchewan

1) FIRES!! An excellent article with some of the technical reasons (which were identified by engineers for the Coalition 2 years ago) for fires. All smart meters have design flaws that could, have, and will result in fires. Please send to your MLA, asking him/her to get these fire risks off our homes and out of our neighbourhoods. Just because you don’t have one doesn’t mean you are safe from a fire that could begin at your neighbour’s.


2) A 10th fire in Saskatchewan.


3) People in  Quebec are complaining about huge bills after receiving a $$meter.


4)Autism and RF exposure. There have been many studies, e.g. Dr. Martha Herbert’s, showing that reducing exposure can help autistic children. Here is an interesting article about this.


5) Ontario utilities  are trying to reassure people that they can relax because no Sensus Gen 3 are used there. There have been fires in almost all brands of meters, including our ITRON here in BC. People need to take precautions. Check meters periodically for warmth, keep fire extinguishers nearby, and call BC Hydro ASAP if there are any electrical problems, like flickering lights.


6) From a member:  HOT METER

In this heat if you have a smart meter, cover it somehow to try and not to try and overheat…………………. neighbour’s meter is hot as hell and he covered it and put a mini fan on it for now.

People should call BC Hydro ASAP if the meter is hot. There is a lithium battery inside that can explode if it gets hot enough, and in the hot summer sun, this could happen. You should have to put a fan on a meter!!



I have received copies of many letters that members have written to their newspapers about fires. Very few have been published. It is obvious that there is a concerted effort to muzzle us. We need to complain – every way possible. Government influence is stopping our voices from being heard.

 Sharon Noble

Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters


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