2014-08-08 Fire destroys building and meter keeps charging for usage.

1) The Ontario Fire Marshal made a presentation in 2012, in which he outlined concerns about smart meters – all brands of smart meters – because they are basically the same. The components and designs concerned him, and they still do. At the time I got this (very soon after his presentation) I sent this to every MLA, to fire departments, and to insurers and got no response. Try sending it to your MLA now and see if you can get a response.


2) In Ontario a fire destroyed a farm building with a $$meter, but the $$meter kept billing him for electricity.

Egan: Business burns to ground, hydro sends $1,214 bill to pile of ashes by Kelly Egan – Ottawa Citizen – August 07, 2014:
– http://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/business-burns-to-ground-hydro-sends-1214-bill-to-pile-of-ashes

3) Non-smeter but very important. Several (13) litigants suing cell phone companies for having caused brain cancer. Experts have been accepted by the court who will testify to the scientific evidence. Until recently experts were intimidated, threatened with loss of jobs/grants, etc. if they testified. Evidence is much stronger so it will be more difficult to be ignored.  This is very good news.


This will shoot the RF straight into the brain!! Even closer than a cell phone.


4) BC Hydro keeps having to change $$meters and we don’t know why? Are they billing wrong? Because they are heating? Who knows. I’ve asked for an explanation from BC Hydro but have received none. Will have to do an FOI and see how and why they are spending our money and how much.

This from a member in Prince George:

Just a quick update of another meter malfunctioning. What a waste of money.

Corix installer came by my neighbour’s house to replace her $-meter. He called it a “lemon.”  Said he didn’t work for Hydro but was just a contractor. This neighbour had to have readings every two months, same time my analog meter was read. He was polite and very willing to talk. He admitted he wished Hydro had not gone all wireless with the meters but that they only sent out signals about 3x day. He claimed that the radiation was far worse from his cell phone that he carried. I did say that I measured my neighbours’ meters with my radiation detector and that they did indeed emit many more times than just a few times a day but rather every minute or so. He did say that some meters were always trying to work with the mesh and that this was what was probably happening but not like the rest of the $-meters (??)

I believe that this is the second time at least that my neighbour’s meter has been replaced. She is the house closest to the collector unit in our neighbourhood.

5) European countries are changing their goals for the “dumb” grid:

In 7 member states, including much of Eastern Europe, the cost-benefit analysis for large-scale rollouts by 2020 were found to be negative or inconclusive. And only five countries have decided to roll out smart gas meters by 2020.


6) Fighting smeters in Baltimore, where new opt-out monthly fees will be $11, to keep an analog.  BC is still charging the highest fees in North America.



Sent: August 8, 2014 3:02 PM
To: An insurance agent.
Subject: Fwd: update 2014-08-07 23 smeter fires admitted in Ontario.

Dear Sir,

Further to our earlier correspondence, Saskatchewan’s cancellation of their smartmeters programme and (below) the ongoing story of house fires attributed to smartmeters, please advise if you have any more news about the Insurance Industry’s views on these dumb meters.

As you may recall, we escaped from BC Hydro’s clutches on our townhouse in the City of Langley.  Now FortisBC is threatening to install smartmeters here in the only “safe area” of BC which is in their service area and not that of BC Hydro.  We would like to oppose this on all possible grounds.

Yours truly,

Sharon Noble

Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“We will never have a perfect world, but it’s not romantic or naïve to work toward a better one.”

Steven Pinker (b. 1954), Award-winning, Canadian-born U.S. Intellectual and Scientist (Cognitive Psychology);




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