2014-08-06 23 smeter fires admitted in Ontario.

1) Ontario’s Fire Marshal says they’ve had 23 fires between 2011-2013. Why are people in other provinces being told about the fires while Bennett keeps lying about the ones here?  The Ontario Fire Marshal was one of the first to raise the issue about fires. His report identified many problems and design flaws.

“I can tell you 10 of those were smart meter failures attributed to internal faults, and 13 were small fires attributed to high-resistance heating,” said spokeswoman Carol Gravelle

Concerns over smart meter fires hit Ontario by Maria Babbage – The Canadian Press – News British Columbia – August 07, 2014:
– http://newsbritishcolumbia.ca/2014/08/07/concerns-over-smart-meter-fires-hit-ontario/

2) David Suzuki and his organization  have been quiet re. RF for far too long. This is a start but not a really good one. Much of this info is incorrect, out of date, or biased. But it is raising the issue.  Perhaps if some of you are members  you would take the time to write and  point out their mistakes  and suggest that they look at the current science. Their members deserve to know about it.


3) A member pointed out that  Adrian Dix is the energy critic  and we should be copying him on our emails, etc. His email is dix.mla@leg.bc.ca

Sharon Noble

Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters



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