2014-08-04 Judge in Colorado rejects Smart Grid re-send

1)   Wireless (DECT) baby monitors

Non-$meter, relates to wireless (DECT) baby monitors. From someone in California:

I measured a wireless baby monitor today with my Accoustimeter.

The radiation readings were some of the highest I have ever gotten.  It was maxing out BOTH sides of the meter!  In other words, it exceeded 6 V/m as well as Avg 100,000 uw/m2.

When the mother who owned the device saw what she had done to her child she started to cry….we cried with her.

2)  Smart Meter RF Radiation Levels – how high are they?

The industry keeps misleading, saying that the RF levels from Smart meters is much lower than cell phones, wifi, etc. Note,  the levels of output can be manipulated by the utility so that unless the $meters are working to capacity, the results are bogus. In this report, the comparisons are more meaningful – RF levels compared to levels considered harmful.


3)  Saskatchewan knows the possibility of Smart Meter damage

Sask. seems to be the only place where the utility and government are taking responsibility for Smart meters causing damage, and for calling them fire hazards. Every other utility is like Hydro, every other government official is like Bennett, denying and misleading – while we live with the risk.



4)  Letter to Greg Kyllo BC MLA

Below is an excellent letter written to an MLA by a member.

5)  Colorado Judge rejects SMART GRID

Judge in Colorado rejects the Smart grid, saying the pilot project has shown that the benefits do not justify the costs. Cost for pilot project in Boulder ballooned from $15 million to $45 million.


6)  The Smart Meter is spying on you

We should all be aware of the  future of data gathering via the smart grid.

“Where it becomes really interesting though is once we know more about you, we know your age, your gender, your social interests, who your friends within the city.”



7)  Privacy Invasion concerns

Privacy invasion is real and should be a major concern.


Look at what the FBI warns about Smart Meters: http://krebsonsecurity.com/2012/04/fbi-smart-meter-hacks-likely-to-spread/





Apparently unless the conditions are perfect, then the fault is not with the Smart meter. Blame the rain, the power surge, the hot socket – all of which are part of having electricity. Sounds just like Hydro blaming the homeowner for not having a perfect meter base, or brand new home wiring.


Ontario has many different utility companies and no one is tracking the type of meter being used. Doesn’t really matter because they all have the same problems. There was a massive explosion of Smart meters in Ontario a few months ago, and there was no media coverage about it.


Sent: August 3, 2014 1:55 PM
To: greg.kyllo.mla@leg.bc.ca; john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca
Subject: Bennett and so-called safe meters


I am really disappointed with your Minister, your infamous Mr. Bennett claiming this week that BC smart meters are safe, without any corroborating evidence. BCUC advised me this past week that they do not yet have verification of meter test data from BC Hydro, so Greg, what gives?

Does Mr. Bennett have a smart crystal ball that tells him all? Perhaps you can talk some sense to him.

This raises some important points:

  1. The Saskatchewan Sensus meters being removed due to safety concerns were CSA certified, unlike the Itron/BC Hydro meters which do not carry any documented proof of certification to Canadian Standards.
  2. The Saskatchewan Sensus meters do not contain an explosive battery, unlike the Itron/BC Hydro meters (battery manufactured by Tildan has a warning label).
  3. Reporting of overheating, single-phasing and fire incidents involving meters does not follow BC Law. Even Hydro missed some incidents that were uncovered by others.
  4. The BC Safety Authority does not have jurisdiction over BC Hydro, neither does BCUC, so who is monitoring BC Hydro?.
  5. The BC Safety Act requires Utilities to prove safety certification and sign off by a Professional Engineer. I am still awaiting for my FOI request to BC Hydro to be answered with these specific data.
  6. The Fire Commissioner receives reports only on “significant” fires. Fire fighters do not have a reporting mechanism to detail the specific smart meter events. So the homeowners cannot learn from these events and develop strategies to protect themselves, their families and their homes.
  7. So it has been volunteers and the Public who care, who have conducted due diligence, in place of the BCUC, neutered by Orders-in-Council and Clean Energy Act, BC Safety Authority and your Government.
  8. Your government is responsible for promoting this ongoing (10 year meter life, so start saving) outrageously expensive program with no checks and balances on health and safety.
  9. The exorbitant monthly cost penalty ($32.40) incurred by pensioners and others is a cruel and arbitrary imposition based on BCUC deliberation and Hydro so-called rate of return.
  10. BC Hydro manipulation of facts, e.g. wrongly stating that Measurements Canada (MC) had certified the meters for safety. That is NOT MC responsibility.
  11. BCH has repeatedly misled the homeowner about the true operating characteristics of the meter. It emits pulsed frequencies at 900 MHz and above, up to 14,400 times per day on 64 different channels. Would you allow a child to sleep in a bedroom next to a pulsing meter 24/7/365?
  12. The meter does not carry a warning label for people with medical implants to stay at least 20 cm away (FCC Data), as do cell phones. Why is that?
  13. The BC Government and in particular Mr. Bennett and all those (including you Greg) who have been advised many times in correspondence from others and from myself, that the BC smart meter technology is untested, not certified and is high risk, now can be named and held responsible for adverse health effects, outrageous long term cost commitments, and unacceptable risk to life and property.
  14. So don’t you think that the BC meter might just possibly be a safety hazard?
  15. Don’t you think it’s time for an independent technical review by people not associated with these organizations?

Come on Greg, just whom are you representing?

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