2014-07-26 Another meter exploded!!

1) Another smeter exploded, this one in Saskatoon. In the article it says:

“Fire Fighting in Canada, a publication available online, says the fire safety of smart meters has been scientifically examined and concluded that smart meters are not the major fire risk they have been purported to be.”

I will try to find that publication and will ask for the results of that “scientific examination”, because independent engineers disagree. Define a “major” risk. Perhaps if only a few 1000s cause fires a year that is a small percentage, and for the professional that constitutes a “minor” risk. But why should we have something that poses any risk on our homes?


http://saskatoon.ctvnews.ca/smart-meter-explodes-in-saskatoon-weeks-after-saskpower-halts-program-1.1933793  (photos)

2) Former insider who worked on iphone development says design deliberately allowed for govt. access to data. If this is part of the cell phone, why couldn’t/wouldn’t it be part of the $$meter design?


3) Water meters are already in place in some communities in BC. Even though the meters are “read” monthly by readers driving by and are not communicating 2-way as the electrical $$meters are doing, the signals are sent out every few seconds and are quite strong. In Wisconsin, one man is fighting having one installed in his home after being threatened with loss of water.


4) if you have enough time, motivation, and resources a Smart Meter can be hacked” (see video at 43:00), says Robert Former Principal Security Engineer at Itron (Smart Meter manufacturer).


Sharon Noble

Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters


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