2014-07-24 Fires in Portland, Oregon, meters being replaced

1)  BC Hydro installers in Bella Coola BC

Corix and Hydro in Bella Coola Valley. Please pass the word.

2)   Portland, Oregon, replacing 70,000 Smart Meters due to fires

Reports of smart meter malfunctions, explosions and fires, meanwhile, have cropped up around the country and the world, including some meters manufactured by Sensus, a leading manufacturer of the technology.”


 Once again I’d like to ask anyone who has suffered a fire or property damage (e.g. appliances) caused by $meters, or knows of anyone who has, to contact me at director@stopsmartmetersbc.ca  with “fires” on the subject line.

Here is a video of a hearing in California at which a former meter reader said that PG&E knew the meters caused fires. I have had Hydro insiders anonymously tell me the same thing. One also told me that everyone was told, before the installation began, that if there were any “incidents”, the cause would be the meter base or the home wiring, NEVER the $meter. This has been the talking point for every utility company, and it has been Hydro’s even before the installation began.


3)   More on cybersecurity concerns.


“Cyber attacks on infrastructure have become a major worry for utilities following the 2010 Stuxnet computer virus, which experts believe was used by Israel and the United States to make some of Iran’s nuclear centrifuges tear themselves apart.”


And insurance companies will not cover losses due to a major catastrophe such as the grid going down.


4)  Study Bees using wireless Transmitters in the hives!  WHAT?

A ridiculous study of bees intends to use wireless transmitters in the hives!! Many studies have shown that RF not only screws up the bees navigational system but weakens their immune systems, just as it does ours.  Please respond to this, and if you are a bee keeper, please get involved and fight this dangerous idea.


“A new project has set out to help understand the issue in individual colonies and bring the problem to the people called Open Source Beehives. This multi-continent partnership between Open Tech Collaborative and Fab Lab Barcelona proposes public participation through easily made backyard hives in conjunction with software that will track hive health”….WITH WIRELESS





Sent: July 21, 2014 10:19 AM
To: Charles.reid@bchydro.com; info.utilities@corix.com; Smart Meters; greg.reimer@bchydro.com; Popham.MLA, Lana; Jane Sterk; elizabeth.may@greenparty.ca; premier@gov.bc.ca; john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca
Subject: Refusal to Accept Smart or Digital Meter at XXXXX

Via Electronic Mail and Canada Post to:
BC Hydro, Smart Meter Specialist Department,
6911 Southpoint Drive,
Burnaby BC, V3N 4X8
Date: July 21, 2014

Attention: Charles Reid, CEO BC Hydro, charles.reid@bchydo.com and B.C. Hydro, Corix Utilities,  and agents and/or assignees thereof: smartmeters@bchydro.comandinfo.utilities@corix.com

Dear Sirs / Mesdames: 
Regarding our letters to BC Hydro regarding the electricity meter at  XXXXX  , we observe that we have had no response from Hydro, other than a telephone call informing Mr. Y that he could not represent his tenant in this matter, and an email to the tenant, SSSS , demanding a telephone number so that her “concerns” could be “addressed.”

As we both said in our letters, our concerns regarding “smart” meters will not be addressed until scientists and doctors researching these devices, including, for example, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine and Dr. Martin Pall of Washington, inform us that these devices are safe.

Currently, a growing number of researchers, including, but not limited to, the ones we have mentioned, have said exactly the opposite. They have warned that these devices produce a significant amount of EMF radiation, that they can contribute to the development of EHS and other illnesses, and that children are particularly vulnerable. These renowned scientists have stated, clearly, that “smart” meter installation should cease.

In light of the above, and in light of your lack of response in writing, as required by our legal counsel, we will assume that Hydro has accepted our demand to maintain an ANALOG meter ONLY at xxxxxxx  . We will, however, maintain our protections around the meter, and leave the NO TRESPASSING signs in place.

We will, as indicated earlier, consider any attempt by Hydro or Corix personnel to exchange either a digital or a “smart” meter for the current, ANALOG meter as trespassing, and will immediately file a trespassing complaint with the Saanich Police (in addition to contacting government officials and media).

Should the current meter expire, we remind you that we require an appointment for its replacement with another ANALOG meter in an acceptable state or repair, and should such an appointment not be made, we will likewise file a trespassing complaint with the Saanich Police.

In addition we will approach media outlets and the organizations fighting for the rights of the people of British Columbia with regard to the forced smart meter program, including those taking legal action against Hydro. We will ensure that Hydro’s actions in our case are a matter of public record.

We remind you yet again that SSSS  and her son have the right, under Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, to security of the person. Neither BC Hydro nor any other government agency can force us to accept a device, attached to SSS’s home, that world-recognized scientists assure us will endanger the physical or psychological health of her and her child.

As stated previously, the meter in question is directly opposite a neighbours’ home and their children’s bedrooms. They are a party to the civil rights suit against BC and we demand that their rights be respected on this basis until/unless the court decides otherwise.

Signed ____________________


Jim Nicholson, Director of Customer Care
BC Hydro
4555 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC  V5H 4T8

Subject:  Legacy Meter Charge

Dear Mr. Nicholson,

Please note that on my July 14, 2014 invoice BC Hydro has charged me $64.80 for reading my analog meter for two months. However, my meter was read only once, in July.

Also, you have charged me the meter reading fee for previous months when your invoices clearly indicated that they have been estimated.

From what I can gather from the numerous and rather confusing bills – due to the fact that you had overestimated my consumption and then sent me many bills indicating credits – the following were all estimated:

2013: June, July, August, September, October
2014: January, February, March, April, May, June

Please send me a summary invoice indicating which specific months Hydro actually read my meter.

I understand that the BCUC has set this fee at $32.40 per month; also, that the BCUC has ordered BC Hydro to not charge for months that the meters are not read. When I have received an accurate and unambiguous accounting, I will pay your extortionist fees. As a retired senior, I can ill afford to pay inaccurate bills.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Sincerely,  ______________________________



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