2014-07-23 Major cybersecurity report, consequences of a failed grid.

1)  The Internet CLOUD increases threats of hacking and Cyber Terrorism

A major cybersecurity report done for the US govt. reports that:

 “While smart grid initiatives have proven successful for improving efficiency, their reliance on wireless, “cloud,” and internet-based technology opens up a greater potential threat of hacking and cyber terrorism…. Customer interfaces which provide a connection between the utility and the customer through systems such as Home Area Networks (HAN) and Business Area Networks (BAN), has also contributed to the increased number of access points found in the electric grid.”  Pg. 152


“Because of the potential pathways from the public Internet to the electric grid—via the smart grid—grid security will involve not just utilities, but also the manufacturers of apps, appliances, software, and other systems/devices that connect to grid technology. With multiple entry points to the grid, it will be necessary to further analyze system architecture to make sure that there are not unsecured pathways from consumer devices or connections to the grid control systems. Additionally, security standards and software systems must recognize malicious activity—e.g. the simultaneous, wide scale start or shutdown of power-intensive appliances, such as air conditioners, to create an imbalance on the grid—and respond to counter or isolate the activity and alert grid operators.”Pg.154




Security is expensive and ongoing, while electrical alternatives, e.g. solar, will result in fewer utility customers paying higher rates. We must ask our MLAs why the program is being allowed to pour more money down the drain – it will never stop.

 “A survey of 61 electric utilities conducted by Bloomberg indicated companies are investing an average of $3 million annually on cyber security.”


2)  Consequences of the the Electrical Grid Failure

A clip from a film being made about what experts predict will be the consequences of the failure of the electrical grid:


3)  Dr Belpomme – Cancer and Alzheimers due to RF EMF

Another interview with Dr. Belpomme, from Switzerland. Quotes from the Canadian radio interview with Dr. Belpomme, translated:


“High level independent scientists all agree that there is a major risk from propagation of wireless technology: appearance of certain cancers (EMF are recognized as “potentially carcinogenic” by WHO) and the risk of Alzheimer’s in electrosensitive persons.”


“Do we continue this technology for purely economic reasons or do we take into account the very high health costs that we will be paying as a result?”


… Dr. Belpomme then talks about smart meters: better to call these “intelligent” meters, “dumb” meters. They add to the electrosmog. The interviewer says these emit 83 seconds a day. Dr. Belpomme replies that more than the dose, it is the repetition of the dose that makes the poison.


4)  Will Smart Companies be protected from lawsuits based on RF caused illnesses?

In the US, some “smart” companies want Congress to make it a law that people cannot sue them, most apparently for failure to save energy as promised. They could one day ask to be protected against lawsuits re. irradiating people, or stealing data.


5)  Grand Forks BC has published a page of Smart Meter facts that contains many false statements based on Safety Code 6 interpretation.

Grand Forks utility has put out an information sheet that is filled with statements that should be refuted, and even expanded upon.  http://www.grandforks.ca/wp-content/uploads/Meters-Fact-Sheet-July-21-2014.pdf

 “The electric meters used in Grand Forks transmit a RF signal every 30 seconds for 126 milliseconds each time so the meter is transmitting a total of 363 seconds per day (6 minutes or 0.42% of the time).”  2880 pulses every day!

 “The water meters used in Grand Forks transmit a RF signal every 14 seconds for 7 milliseconds each time so the meter is transmitting a total of 43 seconds per day (less than one minute or 0.05% of the time).”  6171 pulses every day.


Independent studies have shown that it’s the pulses, not the length of them, that stress the cells, causing cell walls to leak, to cause DNA damage. 

6)  More on BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) and legacy fees.

Below, in the letter section, is an email from a member, reporting on his discussion with Patrick Wruck, BCUC complaints officer, re the reduction in fees when meters are not read. Patrick advised that on Monday the Commission approved the refunds and reduction to the legacy fees, but the document is not on the BCUC website and the Tariff has not been amended. As soon as I have documentation I will provide it.




From a member:

 I phoned BC Hydro this morning and was transferred from a woman, Kal, to their smart metering department.

BC Hydro still wants the meter read fee, even though they will be refunding it soon. The operator “Mark” said the BC Hydro refund for not reading a meter proposal was approved by the BCUC on July 18- it was actually approved this Monday, July 21.

Patrick Wruck, who clarified this on a follow up phone call. I spoke with him and he said that although the Decision reads that BC Hydro in not reading a meter every two months but charging etc., etc that until the BCUC amends the Tariff, technically, BC Hydro could charge the full $64.80 Legacy Meter Charge.

I asked if the Decision on The Meter Choices Program was a legal document and he replied, “Yes.”  I countered, there is no footnote clarifying that despite the Commission saying in Sec. 4.2.2 that BC Hydro shouldn’t be charging the portion of the Legacy Meter charge for manual meter reading when it is not done that BC Hydro is charging, even though they have been told since April 25, 2014 to come up with a solution- so they are not charging for a service they are not providing, and for costs they are not incurring.

I asked Patrick why the Commission did not come up with a solution and he said that they (the Commission) didn’t know what the cost would be.   I responded, “The Commission knew exactly what the cost for manual meter reads would be, as BC Hydro outlined it in their Meter Choices Program submission as $27.90 for analogue meter customers and $30.08 for radio-off smart meter customers.” He then seemed surprised but quickly agreed with me. He also thought the Tariff should have been updated by now.

He comes across as a good guy.
I added that he was likely aware- and he was-  the whole smart meter deployment was on hold in Saskatchewan because of a number of post installation fires that are being investigated. And that was why we wanted an accredited Electrician to do our meter exchange (analogue-analogue).


From a member, copy of complaint submitted online to Ombudsman’s Office:

Unfortunately this will be broken up as per the form available to fill out at https://www.ombudsman.bc.ca/how-to-make-a-complaint/online-complaint-form.

How did you hear about our office?

Andy Shadrack

Which authority (ministry, municipality, school, college, or hospital, etc.) is your question or complaint about? 


Who have you dealt with at the authority?

Patrick Wruck

Summarize your request for information or your complaint. List any steps you have taken to try to resolve it:

The BC Government (Liberal Party) has taken away the Power to Regulate electrical utilities from BCUC. I have registered as an intervener with BCUC which is unrecognized by them and I have written emails to all branches of the BCUC.


Did you file an appeal or apply for a review?  If yes, when was the last appeal or review and what was the result? 

 I sent an email on June 23. I received a reply on June 24 that only registered interveners would be heard. I registered on October 23, 2013 on their website and followed up with a question on Oct 25, 2013 which they replied to as out of office and they would contact me within 3 days. I am on a long list of registered (non registered as far as BCUC is concerned) interveners including the Mayor of Metchosin.

 Why do you believe the organization’s actions are unfair? 

 They lose things. Email addresses change. They do not do their job. They have no power. 

From 1992 to 2007, there were 8 special directions from the Government to BCUC.

Of these 5 dealt with Special Direction #8 commencing in 1992 and which in the end was repealed and replaced with SD#9 in 2003. The SD#10 in 2007 opened the door to purchasing electricity under biomass contracts.

In 2009 there were 2 directive, the “home purchasing” plan and the “Burrard Thermal” plan which appears to be the first biomass plan.

In 2010, there were 2 directives, and the Lieutenant Governor’s signature was replaced by the Administrator. These were to do with Insurance and Hunting.

In 2011, there were 2 directives, mainly to do with biomass purchases and establishing contracts to purchase this electricity.

In 2012, there were 10 special directives that were now called “Order In Council” (OIC’s). The first one appeared in 2011 naming the Companies involved in Electricity Contracts. All of these were made to give special exemptions to various Corporations including Telecommunications Companies. The final two directives were to adjust the meaning of marriage in relation to the Utilities Act and to assess exorbitant penalties to any Director who broke the rules.

In 2013, there were 4 special directives to BCUC. The first 2 were exemptions. The third was giving the Special Direction No. 4 to BCUC Options for customers to opt out of the Smart Meter Program. (7 pages) and finally “Direction No. 5 to BCUC” (48 pages).

In 2014, there are 4 special directives to date. Since the last SD in 2011, all SD’s are OIC’s.


I could find no directives to BCUC referencing Smart Meters. I was looking under the url: http://www.bcuc.com/SpecialDirection.aspx

To summarize, from 1992 to 2008, there were 8 Special Directives to BCUC, none of which were Orders in Council.


Between 2009 and 2014, there were 24 Special Directives of which the last 19 were Orders in Council.

The first Biomass plan was in 2009. There are now several, all exempt from BCUC’s regulatory powers.

  Describe the result or outcome that you seek. 

 I would like to see the Government of BC to stop regulating BCUC from regulating utilities such as electricity. Eliminate Section 7 of the Clean Energy Act which exempts BC Hydro’s Smart Metering Program from Commission regulation.

 If you consider the matter urgent, explain why. 

 BC Hydro is overcharging everyone who opt’s out of their Smart meter program. I have the same analog meter that has been paid for over and over. I’m lucky enough to be retired and have the time and money to fight but there are a lot of elderly people who are retired on fixed incomes who are being extorted in order to accept a Smart Meter against their wishes. 

they have no choice but to accept the Smart Meter and save $32.40 per month which is an exorbitant rate compared to anywhere else in North America. 

I would like to remind the Government and BC Hydro that I have saved them $555.00 approximately by refusing the Smart Meter.

Any letters published by http://www.citizensforsafetechnology.org/ would support the argument that BC Hydro is using extortion to convince the elderly to get a Smart Meter. BC Hydro does not have to convince the younger generation as this group of people generally do not have the time to look into this EMR subject. But they will get older, smarter, and they will retire – and then look out.


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