2014-07-12 In 1972 the US Navy new how dangerous RF radiation was.

1)   Symptoms from “Radio Frequency radiation sickness”

Attached is a chart produced by the US Naval Medical Research Institute in 1972, showing some of the symptoms from “radiation sickness”. The US govt. knew before that that exposure to radiofrequency radiation was harmful. Why is Health Canada still denying this?


2)  BC Hydro – Estimated Billing Problems

From a member re. estimated bills. This member was told by the meter reader that Hydro sometimes increases the consumption figures provided by the reader. In this member’s case Hydro increased the usage by 1000 kWh. How often is this happening, and why are they doing this? If they are doing this, it becomes an estimated bill and we should not have to pay the full fee. If you have an estimated bill, you might want to reduce the “legacy fee” by that amount. Further, I hope that everyone will consider writing to Mr. Wruck, your MLA , etc about the fact that so long as any smart meters are being manually read – for no extra fee – we should not be charged for having our meters read manually. I believe it is discriminatory and illegal to do otherwise.

In speaking with Mr. Wruck of the BCUC the other day, Mr. Wruck told me that if your meter has not been read we are entitled to a partial refund of the bi-monthly meter charge of $64.80 in the amount of $27.90.

In checking my last Hydro invoice (received 3rd week of June) for a  meter on a lot I we own, I noticed consumption of 1000 KwH and after checking photos of the meter taken in Feb. and May of 2014, both photos showed the exact same numbers, in other words no tenant, no one using power.  The invoice did not indicate an “Estimate” and the reading was exactly 1000 KwH more than the last reading.  I went directly to that meter to take another photo and sure enough, the meter still hadn’t moved from the other two photos Feb. and May so where did this new reading come from?  The meter reader could not have read that number as it just wasn’t possible so was this an estimate?   I would strongly suggest watching the activity on your invoices very closely.  Notice on the invoice when the next read is to take place and then read your meter yourself and take a picture.  I’ve learned that what the meter readers are submitting may not be the actual that is shown on your invoice.

On a different account for our home, my reading concurred with the meter readers’ reading but the invoice was 1000 KwH higher. I complained to accounting with no satisfactory explanation except that if it is high then with the next reading, it will be lower. During the next couple of weeks, Corix was insistent to come and change over the meter.  On the day they came, I took a picture of the old analogue reading just as they were coming down the driveway.  So now I will be interested to compare the two final readings.  Make certain you take a photo of the new meter read just after installation.  For me, I will be doing my best to verify all their readings and refusing to pay meter charges when they don’t read the meter.  With the rebate for a meter not being read of $27.90 we are still being asked to pay $36.90 for the bi-monthly period.

3)  Copper Wired Internet is FAST

The newest, most efficient internet is via – landline!!  Copper wiring much faster, more efficient and more secure.



4)  In NZ, Smart Meters are just Plain Dumb.

New Zealand’s people are beginning to realize that the only winners from the “dumb” grid are the utility companies. That’s been the experience elsewhere, e.g. Ontario and California, and will be our experience.





Sent: July 12, 2014 8:40 PM
To: smartmeters@bchydro.com
Cc: Leonard Krog.MLA; John Horgan.MLA
Subject: strange bill

To:  B.C. Hydro
Re:  Account XXXX
Hello again,

 As you may know (or maybe not) Jordan (4F001) arrived at my door unannounced on July 3rd, 2014 – to replace my analogue meter.  Fortunately I was at home to meet him and provide access to the meter.

He was very cordial and accommodating during his visit, and replaced my original meter ###### with another that seems to be from a slightly earlier batch….of the exact same type – #####   He explained to me about batches that are tested and found perfectly functional…. which made me wonder why it was necessary to change the one I had for another of such similar vintage…

But I want to express my appreciation for the quality of the communication with Jordan, and his cooperative willingness to install a replacement analogue — (he even volunteered a windex spray treatment to polish the glass face) — and I appreciated his waiting while I turned the power “off” at the main breaker, before he did the switch.

Now I have two requests:

#1.  Would you please let me know what the expiration date is on this replacement meter #####…..

#2.  Regarding my latest hydro bill…. of July 04, 2014 — Invoice YYYYY for the period from May 28th to June 26th,

On this invoice  of July 4th, there are two sets of readings….. the first, corresponds to the actual energy use, based on the meter reading  –  from May 28th, to June 26th.  (of 858 kwh)  (which I confirmed from my own reading)

The second one underneath, is for the exact same time period from May 28th to June 26th – but it’s written up as a “credit”….. based on the figure of (1244 kwh).

There was no explanation regarding this double bill… or the credit.  So I had to go through the previous invoices to make sense of it.  I discovered that a prior bill of June 30th, 2014 –  had “estimated” that I’d used 1244 kwh.  between May 28th and June 26th.  I have a pre-authorized payment plan, so the amount of $166.55 was taken from my account.

I do appreciate that this error was recognized and credited.  But since I’ve been paying $32.40 each month for a meter reader, I’m wondering if some of the other invoices have also been based on estimates…

So my question is – if you are now too short staffed to have a BCHydro employee read the meter each month – is it possible to waive this fee and simply let me send in photographs of the meter dials to clarify the amount of actual usage.  I’m going to be doing this meter reading practice anyway….

I’m sure you’ve also had other people claim that this charge is “discriminatory” since even non-analogue meters have to be read manually before the whole grid is functional…. yet these other customers are not being charged a similar fee of $32.40.  That’s a very hefty amount of money that does seem punitive and unjust…  even more so if the charge is added without the service.

Anyway, as I said to Jordan, the policies that as an employee, you are asked to implement, are not something for which you are personally responsible….  and despite the Corporate wish to keep everything on a level of detached pragmatism that fits their ideology – even if its effect on customers is negative…. our real lives are all about relationships with everything and everyone….  This is the true bottom line, although Corporations wish to ignore it….

So if you or someone could answer these two questions, I’d appreciate it very much.

Signed ________________________

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