2014-07-11 Industry is attempting to control what we know about RF dangers

1)  Low Magnetic fields have health effects

An article from Microwave News, a well-respected journal on EMR and EMF research, about new research showing extremely low magnetic fields can have health effects. Of real interest are comments about the people at McGill University who call themselves “skeptics”, funded by multi-millionaire Lorne Trottier who spends millions trying to discredit any scientist who shows that RF radiation from wireless devices is dangerous. Any evidence of harm would endanger Trottier’s investments. He has bought scientists at McGill – a discredit to this university.


2)  Dr Paul Herous comments on Health Canada’s Safety Code 6

Statement by Dr. Paul Heroux, McGill University, to Health Canada regarding Safety Code 6:


3)  There is NO industry funding for RF/MW radiation

Many scientists find there is no non-industry funding for research on health effects of RF/microwave radiation. Industry pressure is great to keep it that way.



4)   More on the tower proposed by Telus for Naramata.


5)   Good story about Smart Meter exchange

Another good story about a meter exchange on Vancouver Island.

Just had to email you with details of my meter swap yesterday.  The tech, Ajay, was so polite and understanding.  We had a lovely talk about the whole meter issue.  He felt that BCH (BC Hydro) had mishandled the roll-out and was very open-minded about EHS (Electrohypersensitivity).

Interestingly, he said that although 50 techs did the original meter installations on Vancouver Island, only two have been hired to do the analog swaps.  He had a supply of boxed meters in his truck and ours is in pristine condition. He let me look at it to verify, and allowed my husband, an electrician, to turn our power off before he got started.  He assured me our meter had been recently recertified and I could contact BCH for details as to exact expiry.

I complimented him on his excellent customer service skills and interest at putting me at ease about the swap. He seemed to relax visibly when he could see that I wasn’t in ‘attack-mode’.  He said that although he doesn’t take it personally when a customer is irate with HIM because they’re angry at BCH, he said it makes his job easier when the homeowner is pleasant.  He seemed a genuinely nice, honest young man, a refreshing contrast to the original Corix installer who was somewhat surly and mocking of my concerns about radiation.

Ajay’s arrival did catch us by surprise, however, because I’d called customer service twice, speaking to ‘Mark’ and ‘Billy’ about making an appointment so my electrician could be present for the swap.  Both told me that appointments are ‘impossible’  but that they would put a note in my file requesting the tech to phone a day ahead so one of us could arrange to be home. (although they said they couldn’t even guarantee that!)  We’ve boxed in our meter and had to be there to give access. Using his hand-held computer, Ajay checked and said there was no mention of our request attached to our file.

I would just like to reassure anyone on Vancouver Island who’s still awaiting their swap that there’s no need to feel anxious about a stressful encounter if Ajay knocks at the door…

Signed _____________


A reminder: If you are planning on writing to Health Canada and the Minister of Health about Safety Code 6, the deadline is July 15. You can submit your comment at www.C4ST.org .  This is your chance to tell Hon. Ambrose how Safety Code 6 is inadequate, out dated, and endangering your families.


 Letters from across North America.

The resistance is growing.

Page 2 www.vancouversun.com/business/Thursday+July+Granville+Island+statements+clarified/10015177/story.html

Check hydro bills

You should always check that you’re getting what you paid for. For example: I’m paying $64.80 to get my old-style meter read every two months.

Sadly, B.C. Hydro takes the money but doesn’t read the meter. Instead they bill based on an estimate. When I asked if I would be receiving a refund for the reading I paid for but never received, this was the billing agent’s reply, “B.C. Hydro would like to give you a refund but we have to get permission from the B.C. Utilities Commission.”

Really, I’m to believe B.C. Hydro needs special permission to bill customers honestly? It’s this sort of behaviour that leads customers to doubt the veracity of B.C. Hydro statements.




Reader addresses issue of smart meters by Edward Lapa – Inside Ottawa Valley – July 10, 2014:



From New York:


Read more:


Sharon Noble
Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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