Since there is no  consultation policy in place, the timeline is driven by industry as is the process. A meeting is being held on July 10. Full information at http://www.whatabadidea.com/   Please forward to anyone in that area.

2)  Smart Meters affect plants

A youtube taken a while back in Ontario, showing the pulsing meter and the dying shrub around it. Many people have reported plants dying, bats and bees disappearing in the vicinity of a $$meter .


3)  Below is an important letter from a member about our constitutional rights, and the failure of this government to acknowledge them unless forced to by the courts.

4)   Below, in the letters, is a report from a member who managed to get an appointment and got an analog from a very polite Hydro installer!

5)   In some countries solar is winning, replacing coal generated power plants and, soon, utility companies.


The time has come for all of us to be considering the advice of Dr. Timothy Schoechle in “The High Road to a True Smart Grid” – the way to go is for electricity to be generated and distributed locally. No fear of major attacks, reduced distribution costs, etc. http://vimeo.com/86483758  And make Hydro irrelevant.

6)   Continuing to get good feedbackfrom various places on Vancouver Islandsuch as this:

Corix guy (think his name was Ty) to house yesterday July 7, 2014  in Ladysmith. Very pleasant. My husband asked for an analog…no problem…got a GE analog…I have already sent an email to see what the expiry is on this replaced analog. The Corix guy said he is now basically supplying the analog for analog people who have requested in writing to BC Hydro. He said he already knew for us that we were down for an analog replacement like the analog we now have. Glad that part is now done at least and that the installer was pleasant.

But from Gabriola I was told that even with signs and letters saying that the homeowner would accept an analog only, while she was away for a short time, she was given a Smart Meter.  Hopefully the installer can be found and talked into installing an analog. Many of these fellows are quite reasonable – if you can talk with them.



Dear Editor,

There are many lessons to be learned from the recent Supreme Court of Canada’s recognition of the Tsilhqot’in First Nation’s claim to aboriginal title, but none more important than the message to our Provincial Government. Governing through litigation is costly both in terms of dollars and in the emotional strain of those seeking justice. I can only imagine the anguish in which the Tsilhgot’in First nation people have gone through for generations over the monetary and emotional costs these cases have generated. Governing through litigation was never mandated by the public.

This Supreme Court ruling is only one of many in recent years in which Governments throughout Canada have had to be taught a lesson on choosing legislation that has within it a blatant disregard for Constitutional and Human Rights.

A deep sense of gratitude must be made to Chief Roger William who spent twenty-five years to bring this case through the justice system and to the Supreme Court of Canada. Chief William was able to not only set a precedent with regard to aboriginal title, but he has brought to the fore-front an example of a successful challenge to Governments who dare infringe upon the rights enshrined in the Constitution —  a success story that is inspirational and far-reaching for both native and non-native peoples of Canada.

Why does our current Government choose to listen to legal opinions that promote legislation that contains ambiguity and misinterpretation of our Constitution? How is this a benefit to our Province? What a waste of time and public money. Shame on you.

For politicians who refuse to recognize our Charter of Rights and Freedom, who refuse to listen to legal authority on questions of judicial authority, I ask you to reconsider being a member of Government. Yes, you manage very well to get enough votes to be elected – but success at the voting booth in no way gives you license to dismiss our history, to dismiss our inherent rights, and to violate the judiciary under which our democracy exists.

And to our Premier, Ms. Clark, I want to remind you that Governing requires immense integrity and a deep respect for the laws of our land; the legacy that your Government is leaving is nothing to be proud of – it is a legacy of numerous human rights violations that required the Supreme Court of Canada’s intervention. Because some lawyers are able to twist our laws in certain ways, does not make disobeying our Constitution right.

Shadow politics has no place in Canada. And this ruling has brought another shadow into our light. Thank goodness for people like Chief William who had the fortitude and the faith to see justice through.  How many more times shall we have to do this?

Congratulations to all human rights’ advocates, letter writers, support groups, union members, sign makers, etc. Bless you all and keep fighting because Chief William has shown us that justice can and will prevail.

Vicki Lightfoot

Summerland, B.C.

Well we finally have our analogue replacement meter and it was an actual BC Hydro crew that came with a technician and a certified electrician.  However, they are only allowed to install cleaned up used analogues.  So since the meter was sealed in 2011 (stamped on the back) , the Hydro electrican said it will only be good for 6 years from that date.


So it looks like we only have a reprieve of 3 years before they will be telling us that the seal is expired again.

They seem to be hoping that through attrition they will get rid of all the analogues sooner or later.  The Hydro electrician did not want to say too much to us (obviously he doesn’t want to jeopardize his job).


He did admit though that it used to be the norm to only pull 10% of the meters per batch for testing and leave the rest but he didn’t want to say anything about why they seem to be taking all the meters this time around.  He was a very polite guy though and was concerned that he had arrived on time as people were standing there waiting.  Actually though he was on time, the rest of us were early.

We fought tooth and nail to get this analogue installed with many emails to various people and several contacts with “smart meter specialists”.  Most of the replies were conflicting of course (but we finally found a reasonable guy).


The thing that seemed to work was insisting that we had to have an appointment (day and time) because our electrician was coming and sticking to our guns that we would only accept an analogue (even though we had one of the original digital meters on our house for the last several years, which seemed to surprise the Hydro guys when they came as they thought we did have an analogue —- good record keeping, BC Hydro!).

The Hydro crew did seem to be much better to deal with than the last Corix person that we sent away who threatened us with a failed installation charge which somehow never happened.

Below is the email we sent and the smart meter specialist phoned a few days later and said we would get what we wanted — I think he was tired of dealing with us.  Well, we didn’t REALLY get what we wanted as we only have a meter good for 3 years but Hydro insists that’s all they have available ( we don’t believe them).  I wonder, Sharon, if you can ask if anyone else with a replacement analogue has a better expiry date than 3 years from now?

Email to smart meter specialist:

This is to confirm that my electrician has verified that he will be attending on Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 at 9:30 a.m. for the meter installation.

As per our phone conversation about getting us an appointment, I expect that BC Hydro’s employee will be bringing an acceptable analogue meter to install as no other will be accepted.  Please do not send an analogue in poor repair or one that is about to expire shortly.

I am paying the full legacy charge and am aware that many have had their requests for analogue meters courteously accommodated so I don’t see that this should be a problem.

If there is any problem with keeping this appointment please let me know as soon as possible as I will have to notify my electrician.

I am paying my electrician to be at my property on the agreed upon time and date of July 8th at 9:30 a.m. and I will not be liable for any failed installation fees as I have made it clear that only an analogue will be accepted.

Thank you for your consideration and cooperation so that the exchange goes smoothly.





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