2014-07-04 Gary Murphy’s credentials are questioned

1)   Gary Murphy, the $2 million man, was called a “physicist” by Hydro in its justification of his huge salary and benefits package. A member questions his credentials in a letter below.  A BA in physics does not make someone a physicist.

2)   Fortis has published its schedule. I hope people will comment on this article.


3)   Non-smeter:  Australia’s largest cell phone company sends out warnings about the RF dangers from use of cellphones. Oddly the Cancer Council tries to minimize the risk – must as the Canadian and US Cancer Society due here.


4)   A good site for young people wanting to become parents. Notice, sleep as far away from $$meters as possible.


5)   The video of the rally in Montreal on June 14!


6)   Many members of the Coalition have expressed interest in going off the gridto escape Hydro. You might want to contact this person, visiting on Salt Spring for the summer. I know nothing about her, but was sent this by a member to share.

Solar Power Generator Expert is visiting from France – Salt Spring Exchange – June 25, 2014:





Gary Murphy’s credentials
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2014 18:57:02 -0700
From: EnidMary Sangster-Kelly
To: provletters@theprovince.com


Dear Letters Editor,

Thank-you to Mr. Smyth, for his column on Smart Meters.

When the Smart Meter fiasco first emerged, Mr. Murphy publicly and dismissively declared as “nonsense”, the expressed concerns of a holder of Doctor of Science, whose credentials encompass multiple (7?) scientific disciplines. Mr. Murphy offered no explanation nor references to support his contentions, nor did he claim any personal scientific expertise to bolster his assertions.

Therefore I called Gary Murphy’s office with a specific question: “Does Mr. Murphy hold either a medical degree or a science degree?”

I was told directly:    “Mr. Murphy does not have a medical degree or a science degree.”

I said “Thank-you” and rang off.

Murphy might have “20 years’ experience building electrical ‘smart grids’,” but is Mr. Murphy, in fact, a Physicist, and does he have a Masters Degree in Science as was attested? Absence of scientific reasoning in answer to scientific concerns is not only disconcerting, I was actually told by Mr. Murphy’s office that Mr. Murphy had no Science Degree.

More and more frequently we are reading of the “fudging” of academic credentials. I believe some serious investigating is needed to determine what the truth is here. I’m hoping “The Province” is up to the job.

Yours Truly,
EnidMary Sangster-Kelly.

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