2)   What did Gary Murphy bring to BC except lies and propaganda, teaching Hydro how to intimidate and deceive. Please comment on this article.


3)   A study, not the first, shows an apparent connection between exposure to EMF during pregnancy and autism.

Autism-relevant social abnormalities in mice exposed perinatally to extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields”


4)   A youtube that I hope you will share, especially with young women planning on becoming mothers. Please note that one of the frequency studies mentioned in this is 900Mhz – the same frequency as the $$meter.


5)   Security is becoming more of an issue that is going to cost us big bucks, and still we could lose our power. Please send this to your MLAs and MPs. This is so very important and no one is listening.


6)   This article describes not only health effects from magnetic fields but tells about some things that cause it and to reduce it.




 Sent: June 30, 2014 1:55 PM
To: Complaints@bcuc.com; patrick.wruck@bcuc.com
Cc: greg.kyllo.mla@leg.bc.ca; john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca
Subject: Appeal to BCUC regarding the smart meter program

This letter to BCUC follows my many efforts, as a “non-intervener”,  to appeal to BCUC regarding the safety and cost of the smart meter program.

Now, since I am forced to pay an extortion type of fee every month for opting out, I now make decisions as a retired person whether I will have adequate funds left to purchase food and pay for my other essential services.

Your deliberations when choosing the number of dollars for the opt-out fee were entirely focused on BC Hydro’s return on investment using BC Hydro’s figures, and NOT even considering the following:

The ability to pay, in particular by pensioners and other low and fixed income consumers.
Whether the opt-out penalty amount made any sense when compared to all other jurisdictions,
Whether BC Hydro’s numbers made any sense in the real World,
The BCUC’s and BC Hydro’s lack of ethical responsibility of penalizing those who choose a technology that is unproven and dangerous,
The total absence of any safety concerns by the BCUC,
The overall absence of customer input, in particular the extreme limits placed on intervener input,
A substantial number of customers were coerced into, and were never given the choice for accepting installation of a smart meter on their property against their will,

In summary, it is my belief that the BCUC has avoided in  very clumsy and inept way its responsibility by using the excuse of the Order-in-council terms, and in doing so has seriously jeopardized the well-being and the safety of the consumer.

You have colluded with a tax-payer owned Utility to rip off the consumer and to impose severe hardships on those most vulnerable, and you have chosen to NOT consider or to protect those people who most need it from the machinations of the Corporate and Government agenda.

I am so deeply disappointed and offended by your actions that you need to seriously consider changing your mandate………..


”The Commission is responsible for ensuring that customers receive safe, reliable and non-discriminatory energy services at fair rates from the utilities it regulates, that shareholders of these utilities are afforded a reasonable opportunity to earn a fair return on their invested capital, and that the competitive interests of B.C. businesses are not frustrated.”


“The Commission is responsible for ensuring that customers receive safe, reliable and non-discriminatory energy services at fair rates from the utilities it regulates, that shareholders of these utilities are afforded a reasonable opportunity to earn a fair high return on their invested capital, and that the competitive interests of B.C. businesses are not frustrated.”

Isn’t that a more accurate definition?

If you have any conscience, you might wish to look again at what you have “accomplished”.

I look forward to a realistic and responsible response,


Sent: June 30, 2014 12:03 PM
To: greg.reimer@bchydro.com; Smart Meters
Cc: bill.bennett.mla@leg.bc.ca; Complaints BCUC:EX; john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca; mike.farnworth.mla@leg.bc.ca; andrew.weaver.mla@leg.bc.ca
Subject: Appointment to Exchange Analogue Meter for Certified Analogue Meter


Dear Mr. Reimer:


Today I received a phone message today from Jessica @ BC Hydro (tel. 

604-224-9376) who told me that BC Hydro does not schedule appointments for meter exchanges.


This contradicts a telephone call from someone at BC Hydro last week for the purpose of scheduling an appointment.

There seems to be considerable disorganization at BC Hydro.


I was not home when either the first caller or Jessica from BC Hydro called.


Jessica left me a message that Hydro does not schedule appointments but  the installer would call me before he came.  That is not acceptable because I want my electrician here and that is insufficient notice.  She asked me to call back and leave a voice message as to my schedule.  I did attempt to call back but was put on 

hold for 16 minutes with no opportunity to leave a message.   At that 

point I  had to go because my attention was required elsewhere.  This is a busy household.


Your procedure is the most dysfunctional I have encountered in dealing with businesses in 50 years;  it is almost as if you do not wish contact to occur.

I also note Jessica telephoned after I specifically requested that we schedule an appointment by email to avoid the telephone tag which wastes both my and BC Hydro’s resources and time.  Surely there is a more efficient way to do this and minimize costs which are eventually reflected in my hydro rates!


I reiterate for the 6th time, an appointment must be scheduled for the meter exchange because the meter is not accessible.  I will be pleased to give Hydro access when an appointment is scheduled several days in advance.  I reiterate I require  a mechanical analogue meter; if a new mechanical analogue in good condition is not available, no exchange will occur.  I also expect the installer to be able to show me some certificate of his qualifications; I cannot risk a fire because there is resident who would be unable to leave the home in the event of a fire when assistance is not available.


I will not be responsible for any charges for failed installation because I have tried to cooperate the best way possible in the circumstances and have given BC Hydro  repetitive notice.


Can you please email as to the times your qualified BC Hydro installers will be in my area and I will contact you by email to schedule an appointment.


Could you also please arrange for BC Hydro to send me a hard copy of 

my Hydro billing.   I received an email from BC Hydro telling me to 

go on line to access my billing. I have never requested on line billing.  Further, email is the extent of my computer skills – I do 

not have sufficient computer skills to access my bill on line.  

Please send me a hard copy of my hydro bill so that I may pay my bill on time.


I would also appreciate an email address for someone in the billing department with sufficient authority to address  billing errors and reverse charges so that I do not have to take BC Hydro to small claims court.





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