2014-06-22 Smart meters being replaced after 10 years

1)  Smart Meters will increase the cost of doing business

People are figuring out that smart meters are a scam, one, that as a result of time of use billing, will increase business costs substantially.


2)  Smart Meters have a very short life and need to be replaced often

Smart meters being replaced after 10 years. These were the initial one way communicating meters, the AMR meters like the C1SR. Industry estimates that life expectancy for the 2 way meters is 7-10 years, while Hydro based its business case on 20. A great deal for ITRON and its buddies, but not so great for us. In 10 years we’ll be paying for 2 meters!!


3)   The Nelson Smart Meter Rally





An email from a member. Demand an analog!!

The owner of a local store told me this story yesterday:

Although he pays the exorbitant $35 fee every month, BC Hydro began to email him and call about him not having a certified meter.  He told them to bring one but make an appointment first.  They refused to make an appointment saying they had the right to come onto his property anytime.

This harassment went on.  Then one day when he was home, an installer arrived.  My friend told him that he could install a certified analog meter if he liked.  The installer said he had none, only digital meters.  My friend replied that he would not be installing a new meter that day then.  The installer told him to go unlock the meter while he looked in the back of his truck.  He arrived back very soon and installed the two certified analog meters.  So he deliberately lied.


Sent: June 18, 2014 9:21 PM
To: editor@comoxvalleyrecord.com
Subject: Smart Meter Protesters Share a Wealth of Misinformation – allegedly!

Dear Editor,

I would like to respond to some gross misinformation published on June 17th in your paper attributed to Mr. Ted Olynyk, BC Hydro’s Community Relations Manager.

The radio frequency signals emitted by Smart Meters definitely are NOT  “similar to those emitted by televisions, radios and other common household devices.

Mr. Olynyk needs to be told that:

1)  Smart Meters contain two (2) transmitters, both of which emit low-level PULSED non-thermal microwave radiation;

2)  non-industry funded scientists know that PULSED non-thermal radiation is far more harmful to the cells and organs of any living thing;

3)  non industry-funded scientists say that there is no such thing as a SAFE level of radiation, no matter how weak the signal!

4)  the frequency on which a Smart Meter’s primary transmitter operates, 910 MHz, is one of the most dangerous frequencies imaginable, because it penetrates more deeply every organ of the human body; it also will cook food and heat liquids faster and more effectively than does the microwave oven frequency of 2.4 GHz – which, incidentally, is the frequency on which a Smart Meter’s 2nd transmitter operates;

5)  Just the 910 MHz transmitter alone emits, on average, 12,000 pulses to a maximum of 190,000 pulses per day; and,

6)  effectively, Smart Meters are active 24/7/365 in perpetuity – contrary to what all electric utilities tell the public.

Should Mr. Olynyk or anyone at BC Hydro care to disagree with me, I will happily make myself available to debate the issue with them – in public, so that the public can judge for themselves who is telling the truth!

Jerry Flynn

retired Electronic Warfare officer


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