2014-10-04 A legal decision in Ontario allows $meter data to be given to police without a warrant.

  • Many have been asking for information about getting solar panels to reduce, if not eliminate, reliance on Extortion Hydro.  Here is a meeting in the Nanaimo area where info. will be available:


Solar Power Meeting

Sponsored by the North Oyster-Diamond Ratepayers Association
Speakers include Peter Nix of Cowichan Carbon-Busters
Wed. Oct 8, 7-9pm
Location: North Oyster Community Centre (across the street from North Oyster School on Cedar Road)

Directions: Take Island Highway to the Cedar Road traffic lights *south* of Nanaimo Airport.  Drive 1.5 miles east on Cedar Road and watch for the white two-story hall on your right soon after you pass Code Road.  Overflow parking available at the school across the street.


  • A potentially dangerous legal decision for all of Canada. In Ontario the court decided that personal info. gathered by $meters can be given to police, without a warrant. Our homes and actions will be monitored and reported to authorities.


video [Horizon Utilities – Legal – Privacy – Hamilton, Ontario] Police State and the Smart Meter: A New Reality in Ontario and Canada – Maria del Carmen Orlandis-Habsburgo & Edwin Robert Lefrancois:
– http://righttoprivacy.ca/
Paul Lewin LLP Legal Statement:
– http://righttoprivacy.ca/paul-lewin-llp-legal-statement/
R. v. Lefrancois, 2014 ONSC 3096 (CanLII) – Ontario Superior Court of Justice between her Majesty the Queen and Maria del Carmen Orlandis-Habsburgo & Edwin Robert Lefrancois – May 22, 2014:
– http://www.canlii.org/en/on/onsc/doc/2014/2014onsc3096/2014onsc3096.html?searchUrlHash=AAAAAQAkTWFyaWEgRGVsIENhcm1lbiBPcmxhbmRpcy1IYWJzYnVyZ28gAAAAAAE


  • Below is a letter from someone in Colorado who kindly wrote to me about her personal experience with $$meters.


  • Another major hack attack reported, this one into major banking institutions.




  • Re. the outage this week in the Okanagan area. Hydro’s equipment is woefully out of date, yet money keeps being thrown down the drain called the “$$mart grid”. This will achieve nothing meaningful re. service to the public, rates will increase, as will outages.



  • Please remember that we are tracking MLAs’ responses to the fire report. Please provide your input, whether good, bad, or indifferent at http://sios.ca/emr/




Sent: October 4, 2014 7:54 AM
To: dsnoble@shaw.ca
Subject: Smart meters in Fort Collins/Loveland

Hi Sharon,

I was give your contact information by xxxx, who suggested I share my story with you.

I’m living proof that smart meters are dangerous and affect your health. The day they put a smart meter on my home in Fort Collins (November 2012), I became very sick – buzzing in ears, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, insomnia, headaches, and itching. It was a nightmare. And to think I was the first one in my neighborhood (Warren Shores) to volunteer for the new smart meter program. Since then I’ve read studies and listened to what experts in the field have to say, and now understand how the smart meter caused my symptoms. I had to sell my home in Fort Collins last year – they would not make any exceptions for health reasons. I’m now happily living in Loveland with an analog electric meter. I was so relieved to find a town nearby that uses analog meters. But it is unfortunate that the type of electric meter will now dictate where I live.

When I left Fort Collins I didn’t write an editorial to share my story or go to the City Council. It was when the meters were first introduced and there was  very little awareness about the dangers, so people didn’t understand. At that time, I met with Dennis Sumner and the customer relations manager from Fort Collins Utilities about my situation. They removed the smart meter until I moved out, and also kept the meters off the two townhomes attached to me since they were affecting me as well. Dennis also tried two other digital meters he said were “safe” and I agreed to experiment with them. I became just as sick with those “opt out” digital meters as I did with the smart meter that transmits data. Dennis was surprised. At that point I knew he didn’t understand the mechanism of the meters and how they create dirty electricity within a home.

I asked Dennis and the customer service rep if I could be reimbursed for my moving expenses. They said they could provide the paperwork but told me it would take forever to work through the process, and then even if I filed a claim, there was only a slim chance I would be reimbursed. I didn’t want the additional stress in my life so I did not file a claim. The stress from the smart meter attack on my health was all I could handle at the time – I didn’t need more.

In Loveland, after renting a home with an analog meter for one year, I purchased the home last December. I did this after talking to the Supervisor of electric meters at the City of Loveland Utilities. She assured me they had no plans to deploy smart meters in Loveland, and that they were only replacing broken analog meters with digital meters. My home and analog meter are only 7 years old so I imagine the meter will last a long time – unless of course,  Loveland changes their direction and decides to transition to smart meters. If so, I will have to move again.

Signed: _______________________

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