014-08-09 Some $$meters warm to the touch

1) Just learned that Adrian Dix is not the Energy Critic, but, better, he is the BC Hydro/$$meter Critic. Please include him in any complaints, communications, etc. that will help him understand our issues and concerns. His email is:

BC Hydro/Smart Meter Critic <Adrian.dix.mla@leg.bc.ca>

2) One of our members, who lives in a large condo, has noticed that all 30 $$meters in the room are warm to the touch, and have been since they were installed in Feb. Has anyone with a $$meter noticed that it consistently feels warm? There are lithium batteries in these things and lithium batteries can explode if they get hot, not just warm.  If any of you have had this problem would you please let me know at director@stopsmartmetersbc.ca?

Please tell me if you have spoken with BC Hydro about it and if you did, what their response was.

3) A letter from  the MP for Oakville, Ontario  ,Terence Young, who is working to  get safety standards that recognize current science  and compare favourably with much of the rest of the world. Please encourage all MPs in BC to do the same.


4) Just like in BC,  there are games being played in Pennsylvania  with $$meters. Lots of people are invested in getting these things on our homes for the wrong reason – greed.


Sharon Noble

Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters


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