UN Staff Member: 5G Is War on Humanity

A great video by Claire Edwards, a UN Staff Member, reporting on high levels of RFR/EMF radiation in the UN Vienna International Centre

Most people that are awake and have half a brain know that there is a “thing” called 5G being built to make cellular communications much “better”. The selling points include being able to download a video in a fraction of the time that is currently possible.  It seems that all of the companies that have a financial stake in this the 5G roll-out are spending millions because they hope to make billions of dollars.  It is all about money and nothing about potential health problems.

In this video the UN Secretary General says that he knows nothing about 5G and even the health effects of 4G or WiFi.  Either he is really uninformed,  really stupid, or is pretending that he is uninformed or stupid because otherwise why is he ignorant of this very important issue.  Maybe he is protecting industry in their huge 5G program.

One thought on “UN Staff Member: 5G Is War on Humanity”

  1. If he is ignorant then I am typing this on a calculator and sending it via 2 cans tied together with a string.

    If I read her face correctly, the Asian woman in front of the speaker, is thinking, “This woman doesn’t have a clue. 5G is what we eat for Breakfast, Supper and Dinner, ain’t no way we’ll stop it’s deployment, it’s earning millions and billions, silly old woman.”

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