Apple TV and BlueTooth

I have just purchased the Apple TV contraption that will allow me to view Youtube videos and other web based streaming videos.

This is a great little thing but the typing of the names of the shows I want to watch using the neat little remote shipped with the Apple TV is a nightmare.  So I invested in a small bluetooth keyboard.

This was almost as bad because the keys were too small and difficult to use.  To type a 10 character search items I had to enter about 30 characters and back spaces because of the errors and double entry of many characters.

So I stopped using the mini keyboard.

I have a reasonably good RF Rad meter and I turned it on the other day to check the house for RF Rad.  Most items that generate RF Rad had been turned off.  This included the cell phones,  the wifi router,  the wifi on the various computers.  But I picked up a very strong spiking and after searching the house I found it was the Apple TV sending 2 or 3 RF Rad transmissions per second which were just signals trying to find the missing bluetooth keyboard.

This heavy radiation was being generated from the Apple TV box which was right beside the TV and was doing this all the time that the TV was in use.  I and my wife were blasted by this bluetooth RF signal all the while we were watching the YouTube videos because regular TV channels are a wasteland.

So, I spend 10 minutes with the Apple TV and found how to turn the bluetooth connection off.

The summary of this little episode was that the RF Rad is everywhere and you should know where it is coming from.  If you are EHS then you must for your healths sake.  For the rest of you,  you may be approaching some EHS level and you do not know it yet.


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