2014-06-14 Quebec has a Smart meter court case!

1)   Large rally in Montreal garnered media attention after Friday’s decision to allow continued of the $meter program. A great rally!!


2)   A $meter court case in Quebec, an injunction to stop installation of multiple meters in a condo. I have asked for more information, but here is the article which can be translated by google.


Here is a google translation French –> English – a bit rough but you can get the gist of it.

3)   Reports are still coming in from the many rallies in BC, but turnouts were good despite wet, windy and chilly weather. Many people were eager to share experiences, and ready to stand firm to protect our civil rights. I will have photos and reports in tomorrow’s up. Thanks to all the organizers who worked so hard and thanks to everyone who attended!

4)   The perfect youtube for our National Day of Protest:

 Carl Sagan on the dangers of not questioning new technology



5)   Ontario’s Hydro One still has resisters, after several years!!


6)   As a follow up on the article re. AARP and dangers to seniors of losing control of their thermostat, here is an article about increased risks  of older women falling if the temps are lowered.


7)   Re. Fortis BC plans for $meters for electricity. No plans for gas $meters.


From: FortisBC Gas Inquiry <Gas.CustomerInquiry@fortisbc.com>

The process of exchanging the approximately 130,000 electricity meters throughout B.C.’s Southern Interior will start next year and is expected to be finished by the end of 2015. The project affects only FortisBC’s electricity customers, and does not include changing gas meters anywhere in the province.


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