2014-06-12 Warning from AARP about effects of $meters

1)   A $$meter poll in Burnaby now, on the right hand side. Please circulate to your lists first, and then vote.


2)   Lots of good letters and articles in newspapers re. rallies. See below.

3)   A warning from AARP about the effect of remote control, or the results of high time of use rates, for seniors.

From the AARP document at the following link:  http://assets.aarp.org/rgcenter/ppi/cons-prot/2010-05-energy.pdf

The high cost of basic home utility service threatens the economic security of low- and moderate-income households and by extension, the health and well-being of household members. Affordable energy policies promote population health. …

The ultimate goal of home heating and cooling is to maintain moderate indoor temperatures. Meeting energy needs affordably has been a consistent challenge for too many households and could become even more problematic as energy prices increase in response to efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Some recent policy initiatives pose threats to the health of older people. At the local, state, regional, and national levels, policymakers and industry groups have initiated efforts to shift and dampen consumer demand for electricity. These efforts have focused on the deployment of advanced metering technology and a variety of new pricing programs that vary the price of electricity based on the time of day.

These demand response policies not only create financial incentives and indirect pressure to reduce consumption but also pose a potential threat to health and safety for consumers who must pay more for electricity because they cannot shift their usage from higher cost peak times to lower cost off-peak times. These policies raise other concerns as well:

• Installing advanced meters, and related technology is expensive and expected to be financed by utility customers, adding to the cost of residential electricity.

• While traditional meter technology requires a visit to the customer’s premises to disconnect service for nonpayment or other reasons, advanced meters typically include a switch that allows the utility to disconnect service from a remote location. The use of this functionality could result in an increase in the volume of disconnections for nonpayment and have adverse impacts on health and safety if utilities do not visit the customer’s premises at the time of disconnection. In this regard, a site visit allows utility field personnel to observe individual customer circumstances and identify signs of potential medical emergencies and other safety risks associated with the loss of service. It also provides customers with opportunity to pay any delinquencies on their bill and ensures that they are aware of the impending action. The potential danger of remote disconnections is exemplified in the case of a 93-year-old Michigan resident who died of hypothermia inside his home, the result of a service limiter being tripped.


4)   In Massachusetts, the “national grid” is hiding transmitters in church steeples, etc. very near schools. These are cell transmitters, just like the ones Hydro is put outside our homes to transmit our data.

“Co-location of antennas would be a reasonable proposition if juxtaposed chronic radiofrequency microwave exposure was inconsequential, but Americans have been lied to by the industry, regulators, legislators, and economic partners, including universities and colleges who continue to ignore the science that forms the basis of policy decisions in countries recognizing non-thermal impacts.”



5)   Some people are more susceptible to the effects of exposure to radiation from wireless devices. They are the canaries in the mine. Here is one person’s experience. I think his suggestions that we monitor effects of $meters, re. health, interference, fires, high bills is essential. We need to figure how to do this.

Smart people and smart meters by Dr. Robert A. Berry – Natural Healing News – June 11, 2014:
– http://www.naturalhealingnews.com/smart-people-and-smart-meters/#.U5jrRy9lxGE


6)   Non $meter, but you should watch this:

A commercial with a message   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHixeIr_6BM



Rally [Courtenay, BC] Turnout for info meeting evidence that concerns regarding smart meters is high by Susan Holvenstot – Comox Valley Record – June 11, 2014:



Rally [ Kelowna, BC] Locals to rally against smart meters Saturday by Adam Proskiw – InfoTel – June 10, 2014:

– http://infotel.ca/newsitem/locals-to-rally-against-smart-meters-saturday/it10730


Rally & TBYP [Powell River, BC] Radio frequency wave exposure concerns smart meter protestors

– March and rally arranged for analogue lovers – The Powell River Peak Online – June 11, 2014:
– http://www.prpeak.com/articles/2014/06/11/community/doc5397aa6b9078a165418422.txt


Identity of writer included at his request.

Date: Tue, Jun 10, 2014 at 9:47 AM
Subject: Re Meter Change Out
To: greg.reimer@bchydro.com
Cc: smartmeters@bchydro.com, john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca, mike.farnworth.mla@leg.bc.ca

Greg Reimer
Executive Vice President, Transmission & Distribution
BC Hydro – Meter Choices
PO Box 9530 Stn Terminal
Vancouver, BC V6B4G4
RE : Meter Change out

Dear Mr. Reimer,

I am responding to  letter which I have just received dated May30, 2014, stating that I am “enrolled” in the “BCH meter choice program”.

Firstly, I would like to point out that I am “NOT” enrolled in a program. You tell me that I have a choice, then continuously send me mail etc., telling me to pay more, for doing what I have always done. Then next you try to bully me into changing meters and the last one about the 65$ fee for not being there, if your boys come to change an expired meter. The only choice that you seem to give me, is to try and get me to switch under “duress,” of extortion of  BS fees and disconnection of service, if I do not get a dumbmeter. You continuously harass me about keeping my “Mechanical” meter. I flatly refuse to have that chunk of plastic installed on my home.

 Second,  I have asked for the info on the meter that you wish to replace it with, eg, make, model #, serial / ID #, the expiry date of the newer meter, etc. Where is this info?

Third, You can easily get the extension that Measurement Canada has said they will and have been giving you to leave my meter alone. You have said that the expiry date was 2011, for my present meter. How did you otherwise let it go beyond that date for 3 years without Measurement Canada’s approval? I am sure that you already know and have seen this letter from Measurement Canada. If you wish, I can  send you a copy of this letter.

 Forth,  I need an appointment made for any changes to my meter. Since I will only accept a “MECHANICAL” meter, and things in my home must be turned off to avoid damage from the change out, I am required to be there. I am sorry to say that I DO NOT trust what the installers are doing, eg: maybe slipping in a dumbmeter when I am not there. Also, since I am in the service industry, I too, required appointments with all my customers.  This must be made in advance and mutually agreed on. I will not pay the missed fee if we do not have an agreed time.

 Fifth,  As stated previously in other letters, ONLY a BC Hydro employee will be permitted on my property. NO CONTRACTORS. Hint, Corix.

 Sixth,  I find that it is not appropriate to be harassing me, while we are in a law suit with each other.

I do have much more to say, but I believe that you get the gist of this.  NO TO THE SMARTMETER PIECE OF PLASTIC, and yes to the glass mechanical meter.


Patrick Barone

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