1)   Many have asked me about the digital meter Hydro is encouraging everyone to take instead of the analog replacement meter, and why I would refuse it. There are several reasons, one being that all digital meters run on electricity, and thus increase the amount of dirty electricity on home wiring.

A second is that I do not trust Hydro. Why are they so willing and eager to get this meter on our homes, even with expiry dates up to 6 years from now? I believe it is that these ITRON C1S meters have the capability of being made into smart meters. They could have the transmitter in them now, waiting to be activated in the future, or they could have a module put in very easily in the future – without telling us and without our permission. This is from an ITRON spec sheet at https://www.itron.com/na/productsAndServices/Pages/CENTRON.aspx ( Note: AMR is a smart meter that communicates only one way – it sends information wirelessly but does not receive it. This is different from the smart meter Hydro is installing which is the Itron Centron II)

  • “When you are ready to deploy an AMR system, the CENTRON meter’s flexible format allows the communications functions to be installed without disturbing the finely-tuned metrology. Options are available for network communications, PLC and an array of radio frequency (RF) protocols

Adapt meters easily and cost-effectively to meet the needs of your customers. The modular architecture of the CENTRON meter allows new snap-in personality modules to be installed in the meter without disturbing the finely calibrated metrology board in the lower, measurement portion of the meter. Optional snap-in personality modules include demand, time-of-use (TOU), load profile and various communication protocol options.”


2)   Another study showing malformed chick embryos after exposure to cell phones. The actual report is at


A summary is at



3)   The debate about the privacy of our data and the benefits of the $meters in Forbes:


4)   Another rally being held, this one in Kelowna, June 14,  12-5 pm.  Posters will be available at www.citizensforsafetechnology.org


Kelowna Unitarian Fellowship

1310 Bertram Street

5)   Presentation before the Portland School Board by Dr. Pall, speaking about the known dangers of microwave (wireless) radiation, and some of the mechanisms by which damage is done to our cells. A good short video is available.


6)   Baby Safe Project: Live Press Conference Tomorrow

At 10:30 am (EST) on June 3rd a press conference from New York City announcing the BabySafe Project, a new public awareness initiative designed to inform women about the links between pregnancy and wireless radiation.



7)   Olle Johansson was one of the first researchers to identify the relationship between RF/microwave transmissions and melanoma (skin cancers). The number of skin cancer victims is increasing dramatically, and often develops on places of the body that never sees the sun.

Skin Cancer on the rise.

rates started to increase in 1920 when medium wave radio was introduced

  • the rate of increase jumped significantly in 1955 when Sweden got FM radio and TV1
  • the rate jumped again in 1969-70 when TV2 and colour TV were brought in



Sent: May 29, 2014 11:31 PM
To: greg.reimer@bchydro.com; smartmeters@bchydro.com
Cc: commission.secretary@bcuc.com; dsnoble@shaw.ca
Subject: 1091 Lomas Road Duncan BC

 May 29, 2014
 Mr. Greg Reimer
BC Hydro
PO Box 9530 Stn Terminal
Vancouver, BC  V6B 4G8

 Dear Mr. Reimer:

Thank you [customer service) for your template response to my letter sent May 6th which did not address my concerns and requests.

As a putative member of the Class Action Suit against BC Hydro – BCSC Action No. S135590 – I will communicate my position again in response to your letter(s) advising me that my meter is to be exchanged for another ‘old’ meter due to an expired seal.

My position is this:

1)  I will not give free and clear access to your agent on my property for the purpose of exchanging my meter for another ‘old’ meter WITHOUT a prior appointment. Thank you for arranging said time and day with me. Until such a time as when a mutual date is established when I can be in attendance during said service, no attempt shall be made to trespass with the intent of changing my meter and a subsequent “failed installation” fee charged to my account.

2)  The existing meter will be replaced with another new one or in new condition, clean and without defect, which has been tested and certified as measuring accurately in accordance with the requirement of Measurement Canada’s Act and Regulations, and accompanied by documentation verifying this information. BC Hydro has stated they are “under no obligation to repair, rebuild, re-verify and re-seal any ‘legacy’ meters that have been removed from service….”.Therefore I am under no obligation by PRIVATE right to accept an old meter that has not been repaired, rebuilt, re-verified, and re-sealed (as per Measurement Canada’s ‘Criteria for Accreditation’).

3)  The replacement meter must be mechanical analogue for mechanical analogue – neither a hybrid ‘trojan’ analogue that can accommodate wireless components nor a digital meter will be accepted.

Thank you for your moral and lawful cooperation in this matter.



To: vicki.huntington.mla@leg.bc.ca; john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca; mike.farnworth.mla@leg.bc.ca
Subject: FW: BC Hydro Meters

Copy of BC Hydro correspondence re meter exchange concerns

To: smartmeters@bchydro.com
Subject: RE: BC Hydro Meters

Attention: Arun
BC Hydro
Smart Metering Specialist Team
Smart Metering Program
E-mail: smartmeters@bchydro.com
Phone: 1 800 409 8199

Re: Additional questions and concerns

For Service at:  ________________________

Dear Arun:

Thank you for sending me the expiry date of my meter.  I am now taking advantage of your kind offer to answer my additional questions and concerns.

I still would like a copy of  the certification history for my meter as Measurement Canada requires BC Hydro to keep a record of this and I am entitled to know this information.

From Measurement Canada:  Utilities are legally required to maintain information on their meters in service including the date the meter was certified and the expiry date.

I will require a mutually agreeable appointment for meter exchange as I am exercising my right to have a qualified electrician attend this exchange to protect the safety of my household.

I will only allow a licensed electrician who can provide me with valid confirmation of liability insurance to oversee any work on my meter for any reason.

I am requiring this on the grounds that under BC Hydro Tariff Section 97, “Liability”, BC Hydro has declared they have no responsibility for any harm or injury done by its employees or agents, whether done through negligence or willful misconduct.

Being aware of this lack of responsibility to my home and family, I cannot allow the risk of an unqualified, uninsured person tampering with my property,  perhaps damaging my meter base and potentially risking the safety of my household.

I am assured the legal right to life, liberty and security at my own home under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which BC Hyro Tariff does not supercede.

My CSA meter base which I own is not to be worked on under load and therefore the power will have to be turned off.

According to CSA,  the rules that cover the meter bases say that the base “shall not be used as load-breaking device.” (e.g. exchange should not be done without turning the power off).   How can BC Hydro ignore this danger?

Access to my meter will be granted only when I am assured of my safety.

If you think this is not necessary then just view the disaster caused by this meter exchange by hydro trained non-electrician workers a short while ago in Regina:


I also require assurance that the replacement meter does not have a transmitter or antenna or sending device of any kind.

Thank you for your kind attention so that this meter exchange can proceed in a mutually acceptable way by Dec. 2014 as required.  Should your installer fail to attend at the agreed upon time we will have to reschedule as the electrician will not be able to wait indefinitely and we will not be responsible for a fail to install charge.

Sincerely, ——————–
To BC Hydro:

To whom it may concern. (Shirley WHO)

I have until the end of 2014 according to your time line for replacement.  I am not interested in a digital meter.  I want an analog meter.  >From all the research I have done it has been reported that you are installing old meters that are in worse shape than the one that is currently on my home.  My home was built in 1998 – if you install an analog I request that it be a new one out of the box, not some piece of S–T that has been rolling around in the back of a corix truck for the last few months.  I insist that you make an appointment for this change of meter.  I want a licensed electrician to make the swap – not some “joe boy” that makes mega bucks for the number of meters He/She exchanges everyday.  As your email stated I may have an electrician present – soooooo…how am I supposed to do that if I don’t need to be home and you just knock on my door and want to install????? NOT!!!!! Yes, I know people that work for corix and that kind of people I do not want touching my home.  If you have any further requests or questions please feel free to inquire.  This email will also be sent to my MLA, BCUC, & Reimer.

Thank you  __________________


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