2014-06-18 Digital meters C1S and CN1S – easily made into Smrt meters

1)   This explains the push for the digital meters on homes. Both digitals that I have been told are being installed (eagerly), at C1S and CN1S. As ITRON brags these can easily be fitted with a module converting them into communicating meters, capable of time of use measurements, and just about every other option the smart meter can provide. I suspect we are being set up!!

BC Hydro is calling these “legacy” meters, meaning they were used before the Smart meter installations began.

Could everyone who still has the same meter they’ve had for the last 3-4 years — and it happens to be a digital – take a look at the face and see what the model number is. If it is a C1S or a CN1S, could you please send me an email at director@stopsmartmetersbc.ca  with either C1S or CN1S on the subject line, which ever type you have?

Whether or not these “digitals” have the transmitters in them, they are far closer to the Smart meter than the analog. Many people who have rec’d a digital against their wishes are notifying Hydro that they should not be assess the $32.40 a month but rather the $20, the fee for having a $meter with the transmitter turned off.


2)   A woman in California testifies before the utility board about a burned Smart meter. Listen to the audio starting at 6:25, in it she describes what happened, how fortunately her home didn’t catch fire, but electricians told her the Smart meters are causing many fires. Of course, the utility company has told her it is her base – just like BC Hydro has and continues to do.

Today, Tuesday, June 17th at the 5 pm SMUD Board meeting Margie R. a Folsom homeowner, served SMUD with her sworn declaration and demand letter regarding the burnt smart meter that could have incinerated her house, injured or killed the occupants.

SMUD was not aware that this hazard for more than two months until Margie called them.  Should the smart meter have notified SMUD of this hazard: how smart is it after all?

Listen by clicking HERE and start at the 6:25 minute mark.


3)   BC Hydro has called in many of its retired installers to replace Corix people, and as one installer said “to fix some problems”. At what cost? And what problems?  Why are they making appointments to exchange the Smart meter? This from a member:

I had coffee with a friend who has a house/cabin up at 70 Mile.  She has received a letter from hydro asking her to be at her 70 Mile home on June 26 between 11 and 4 as hydro needs to replace the Smart Meter  that is at her home.   It appears this batch of Smart Meters has a defect and needs to be replaced.   If hydro can inform the occupant and make a time in which to replace Smart Meters why are they not able to do the same with analogue customers?

4)   More huge bills in Ontario, with no explanation.


5)   A report from 1965 on the biological and health effects from exposure to low levels of the frequencies used by smart meters and other common wireless devices. Why, after nearly 50 years, are we still being asked to “prove” this is dangerous?

“The Autonomic system is affected by microwaves of the centimeter wave length band. These waves affect circulation, respiration, temperature control, water balance, albumin and sugar concentration in the cerebro-spinal fluid, hydrogen ion concentration, EEG, GSR, sleep, conscious awareness, etc.” 

– W. Bergman (The Effect of Microwaves on the Central Nervous System, 1965)


6)   As we all know, the Smart grid depends on cell towers. Industry Can. says people are concerned about the aesthetics, not the radiation issue. Cell companies all over are disguising the transmitters, like in these photos from Calif., but also on marquees, light standards, etc. There are no signs warning people who might be working, living or playing near these radiation-emitters.


This contractor is very proud of his “artistry” and has won awards for his business.  http://utilitycamo.com/media/

7)   Non-$meter but about wifi. This video is passed on by a member. The chips are also being put into drivers’ licenses and passports. There are aluminum credit card holders and probably pass port holders, too, to make identity theft harder.


8)   More ways of using the dumb grid and all of those transmitters in the collectors that are in every neighbourhood:





Sent: June 16, 2014 2:15 PM
To: safetycode6codedesecurite6@hc-sc.gc.ca
Subject: I vehemently Protest!

To: Whom it May Concern,

 Re: Health Canada is publishing its 2014 proposed revisions to Safety Code 6 


All I can say, is that, if Health Canada is blatantly co-opting with government and industry forces, to rubber stamp the destruction of our Immune Systems, Neurological Systems (each person’s dura mater has a unique electromagnetic frequency, you know), and that of Canadian Children, then all that’s left to do is pray.

My prayer is that those responsible for the blind, willful, and informed ignorance, that is resulting in “No Danger” decisions, will not have their own children and family members stricken with cancer, deformities, autism, and all the other catastrophic results of exposure to EMF’s in the escalating manner that are absolutely occurring now.

I truly don’t wish you the pain and suffering I, and others like me, who have been the canaries in the mine with EMF-related cancers, asthmas, etc, have suffered, to date.

As well, I truly don’t want to be proven right, either. What a slippery slope you are putting us all on, as our health infrastructure  crumbles with the Baby Boomer aging-crisis.

Decision-makers, how can you sleep at night, knowing you can be bought? Your jobs, at any expense, it appears? Mindful, ethical decision-making would honor the thousands of scientific studies, and EMF results, and reactions, from other countries, don’t you think.

Either extreme arrogance (“it won’t happen to me”, syndrome) or willful, and informed ignorance, is guiding your decision. What a travesty to be recorded in history books!

 Sadly submitted,


 P.S. By the way, have you seen the movie Wall-ee….check it out, and see what’s left, after Industry is finished with the rape and pillage of natural resources, including that which cannot be seen (Electromagnetic Wave Frequencies).

2 letters by same person —


To: commission.secretary@bcuc.com; john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca; vicki.huntington.mla@leg.bc.ca; mike.farnworth.mla@leg.bc.ca; complaints@bcuc.com; greg.reimer@bchydro.com; carole.james.mla@leg.bc.ca; bill.bennett.mla@leg.bc.ca

Subject: FW: BC Hydro Meters — appointment required!

Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2014 20:30:51 +0000

To anyone who can help me to not pull my hair out — I have little left as it is!  I need an appointment to have my electrician here when my meter is changed.  I just want the installer to phone and make arrangements with me — it’s really not that difficult.

As you can see below attempts at communication with BC Hydro seem futile.  They are, in my opinion, fining me $32.40 a month to keep a safer meter and in spite of that exorbitant fee they fail to provide any level of acceptable customer service to their customers.  This is ridiculous!

a frustrated taxpayer

To: smartmeters@bchydro.com
Subject: BC Hydro Meters — appointment required!
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2014 19:29:39 +0000

For Service at:

Dear Jessica:

Obviously you did not read my communication below — do you really exist or is this yet another generic reply.  I doubt you really are a smart meter specialist or you would be aware of the following.

I asked for an appointment to have my certified electrician here for my safety which BC Hydro has said is my right.

Please scroll down to the first communication in this chain from “Arun” where he states:

quote from BC Hydro “If you wish to have an electrician onsite during the exchange you may do so at your own expense.”

Please provide the appointment so the electrician can be here, as I cannot have an electrician standing by the meter 24 hrs a day wondering when you will show up.

Yes, there will be access issues and I have been contacting you to resolve this as you can see if you read this chain of emails.

You will NOT be provided access to my meter until the appointment is made as is my right as stated by BC Hydro and there is nothing in the Electric Tariff that says they cannot make an appointment.  Does BC Hydro not train their staff?

BC Hydro certainly does and has provided appointments for many customers so please do not tell me they don’t.

I will be sending copies of this inept system of communication to all parties I can think of.

Phoning BC Hydro is also useless and I am tired of being put on hold for 15 minutes and then told to leave a message where you can take 3 days to get back to me and if I miss the call we start the merry-go-round all over again!



Subject: smeters
To: Cc: emh.minster@gov.bc.ca, commission.secretary@bcuc.com, Complaints@bcuc.com

June 16th , 2014
BC Hydro
PO Box 9501 Stn. Terminal
Vancouver BC V5B 4N1

Dear Sir,

Re: above account and June 4th billing :

I will pay $84.80 by internet banking which covers the actual power usage, late payment charges and Rate Rider for the last billing period..

I have deducted the Legacy Meter Charge of $64.80 and the $3.24 GST on that charge and $148.11 deducted from the previous bill as I strongly feel that is an irresponsible, illegal and fraudulent charge.

I have registered with the July 25-2013 Class Action Lawsuit and I will not pay these fees until the issue is settled in court.




Sent: Monday, June 16, 2014 9:58 PM
To: Smart Meters
Subject: Re: BC Hydro Meter

To Whom It May Concern,

Thank you for responding to my previous emails of May 30 and June 4.  As this response indicates confirmation that BC Hydro refuses to  conduct a meter exchange by appointment and confirms refusal  to accommodate my request for same, please advise when this manner of meter exchange was rescinded as in previous communication it was indicated that a certified electrician could be present for this exchange and I was unaware of this change in policy.  Regardless and in any case, it is a reasonable request for a home owner to want to be present while a work order is carried out on their residence.  Further, it is a reasonable requirement that a property owner have the ability to be present regarding such matters.  It is a practical simple matter to have the opportunity to power off and shut down affected electronic equipment before work commences.  My electrician has always recommended doing so before commencing work involving a power disruption.

In the confirmed event policy has, in fact, changed and change of policy regarding confirmed appointments are no longer accepted, please provide date and approximate time ( a window of 2-3 hours is standard) that I might expect someone to ’knock at the door’ as to provide me the opportunity to accommodate BC Hydro. I wish to be able to comfortably leave my home and not miss this ‘knock’ or be otherwise indisposed when it comes.

I wish a BC Hydro employee, not a contractor or sub contractor, to perform any work tasks or work orders at my residence.

I will accept a mechanical analog for this purpose as it is confirmed they are available and not a digital meter and do not consider a digital meter in any way, shape or form to be ‘legacy’. The digital meter of this make and model with the specs and module capacity it has, does not by any stretch, connotation or definition meet the definition of legacy.

Thank you for the offer to contact you by telephone but It is my preference to communicate in written format as attempting 1-800-409-8199 has proven time consuming and  futile in the past and communicating with BC Hydro has also proved confusing and inconsistent.  I appreciate personal communication and not simply and just the regurgitated response of another form letter.

Thank you for your reciprocal co-operation, courtesy, and respect. Please forward this email to appropriate personnel as to serve purpose and  best interests of a resolve to the matter at hand.

It’s quite enough already.  Why is this so difficult?


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