2014-06-17 Fortis applying for exemption from re-certification of meters

1)   For those of you in the Fortis electricity area, Fortis has applied for an exemption for re-certifying meters because of the planned installation of Smart meters. This is exactly what BC Hydro did prior to the initial phase of the program, and because BC Hydro did not manage to get all the analogs and “legacy” meters removed by Dec. 2012, which was their goal, the meters have “expired”.



Request for Temporary Dispensation from Meter Re verification

Measurement Canada is launching a consultation on a request for temporary dispensation from meter reverification that will be of primary interest to electricity industry and consumer stakeholders. The consultation period starts on June 1, 2014, and ends on July 1, 2014.

Under the provisions of subsection 9(2) of the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act, the President of Measurement Canada has received a request from Fortis BC to grant a temporary dispensation from meter re verification. In consideration of this request, interested parties may make representations with regard to the information contained in the attached document.

Dave Flieler  dave.flieler@ic.gc.caSenior Program Officer, ElectricityProgram Development Directorate
Telephone: 613-969-4092
Fax: 613-969-3665



2)   We all know that Health Canada’s Safety Code 6, the guideline for public exposure to microwave radiation, is one of the worst in the world. A panel made up of several people with close ties to the telecommunications industry and others with no relevant educational or research background decided that the many 1000s of studies that show harm at levels far below those allowed by SC 6 aren’t enough to justify reducing the limits.

Due to public outcry about the process, the panel members, and the result Health Canada, for the first time, is asking for public comments until July 15.

Our provincial medical officer, Dr. Perry Kendall, hides behind this guideline to justify his doing nothing to protect us in our homes from smart meters and our children in schools from strong wireless routers.

We must do all we can to get at least the limits that countries like Russia, China and India have – which are 1/100 of ours.

Please go to http://www.c4st.org/healthcanada, see what others are saying, and write to Health Canada. Would you please copy your MP as well as the Minister of Health. At the C4ST website you will be connected to the Minister and Prime Minister Harper. You’ll have to copy your MP yourself.

This article might help provide some ideas.


3)   A member sent this site which has links to many interesting articles  http://smartmeters.naturalnews.com/

4)   Non-smeter but very similar. Comcast is exchanging home wifi modems into public “hotspots”.

Home modems that people pay for are becoming commercial enterprises for wifi companies. This seems similar to what is happening with $meters. Our homes are commercial enterprises for BC Hydro. BC Hydro is using our meters to transfer data to other transmitters. They didn’t ask us and they aren’t telling us or compensating us, but we are being used for their business purposes.


5)   Reminder: please take your meter readings on the “next read date”  BUT DO NOT PHONE THEM IN. Keep them to know when your estimated bill is way too low or excessive and then, with it, you can demand a revised bill.

BCUC has told BC Hydro to reduce the fees for meters that have not been read. If we call the readings in, Hydro can take them as being actual, say they read the meter, and charge us for work that we did.




To: Smart Meters
Sent: Monday, June 16, 2014 5:48 PM
Subject: Re: BC Hydro Meter
Attention BC Hydro:

Thank you for attempting to acommodate our request for ALL the information regarding our digital meter.

We still have 6.5 months to go before our meter expires…  AWESOME!

Still, that’s no PROOF that the information regarding our existing meter you’ve sent to us is in fact true,

therefore we would like to see the entire meter history for this residence sent to us via email… and thank you in advance for doing so!

Now, since BC Hydro is unwelcome to attend and has NO permission to tresspass on OUR property which is exactly what outsiders do when they attend a property while the homeowners are away … and

Since our meter is only accessible to your meter readers…

Here, BC Hydro is your ONLY meter exchange choice:

YOU, BC Hydro only have permission to attend our property when BOTH home owners are present


there will be NO meter exchange done at this address because we don’t CARE when the meter on OUR home and business expires!

When the time comes for our meter to be exchanged, we will ONLY accept our meter being exchanged for an anolog meter if the meter exchange is handled OUR way and out of respect for the class action lawsuit against you that is currently before the courts:

-by apointment only! Take it or leave it, BC Hydro.

-once the details of your attending our property (and only when we are present) have been negotiated, only then will we proceed with booking an appointment.

Once that has been done, we expect and would appreciate (your meter exchanger to be a certified electrician has the papers to prove it to bring an analog meter that isn’t covered in dirt, spiderwebs and/or RUST because we expect BC Hydro to only supply it’s customers with meters that are in immaculate working condition.

As long as we own this house, there will NEVER be a Smart meter installed because we do not want ANYONE’S contraption running radiation through the electrical wiring inside the walls of our home and business 24/7… EVER!!


Take it or leave it, up to you.



Sent: June 17, 2014 12:59 AM
To: ‘Smart Meters’; Greg.reimer@bchydro.com
Cc: commission.secretary@bcuc.com; John.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca; John Raans; Rob Fleming
Subject: RE: BC Hydro Meter
Importance: High

Dear Jessica and Mr Reimer,

How many emails are we going to email back and forth before you realize that we still haven’t received the information we requested over a month ago. To have a choice you need to be given those choices, not bullied into them. We still require the history of our meter, that same meter you read and told us needed replacement, which we can only assume you read from that same document we’re requesting to have a copy from? Send us the document that says that our meter is expired, and then send us the new replacement ANALOG meter document, so that we can ascertain that this meter is what we asked and paid for, as we understand that you have brand new analog meter at your disposal from the class action suit. We also know, that our meter was just replaced 4 years ago, and we know these meters are good for 30-40years. We also know, that our meter could simply be re-verified and passed since it is reading just fine still and not showing any discrepancies from bill to bill.


Again, let me repeat, I still require an appointment, so that only a certified/qualified electrician with their identification and licensing papers can work on our house with complete valid and current legal certification papers. We need to be present at the time of installation as to ensure the power is turned off at the breaker box.  We did not agree to pay the extortion fees just so you would replace our meter for anything else but an analog meter, when we know that you have brand new analog meter available. Once we receive the proof that our analog meter has in fact expired, and you provide us with the new history of the new one with written insurance that this meter will be re-verified in 5years and so on,  then we’ll book a mutual appointment with your license electrician and replace the analog meter for an analog meter.  Since we’re responsible for any damage caused by your staff, and since we have to protect our family and household, we will only accept licensed electricians on our property. There has been no mistakes made in our billing, so the meter is not faulty. You’ve been given until the end of this year to complete these exchanges. So, provide us our information instead of wasting both our time, and let’s get on with the task at hand. If there is in fact a need to replace this meter, and after we’ve received the documentation stating it’s expired, than you’ll need to ensure that we get a license electrician to show up at our house with all the history of that meter available either prior or at the time of replacement appointment with a brand new analog meter and we’ll be happy to accommodate the exchange required at no charge to us, since you failed to provide us with our choice.

We will expect your prompt information, as we understand that you have a mandate to complete this process prior to December 31st of this year?

Look forward to getting this information.


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