If RF Radiation is so bad then why are we having so much trouble getting rid of it?

Many of us believe that radio frequency Radiation (RFRad) is causing many people, perhaps all people, harm.  We are currently seeing an increase in sensitivity of RFRad in the form of EHS (Electro Hyper sensitivity) and various cancers.  Many people feel no harm and are not sensitive but that does not necessarily mean there is no harm being done on a long term basis.

If we lived in a democracy and a large segment of the population expressed concerns about this problem then there would be  major investigations and studies performed to determine the validity of the concerns and the extent of the problem.  The understanding would be that “surely so many people cannot be crazy.  surely there must be something going on that we do not understand”

If we lived in a democracy then our governments would proceed with the Precautionary Principle and would halt the ever increase in the levels of RFRad from Cell towers,  Cell phones,  wi-fi routers and Smart meters until it was clear that harm from RFRad was real and not just psychosomatic.

But we do not live in a democracy.  It looks like a democracy from the outside and everyone calls it a democracy but it is not really a democracy.

Our Canadian governments and those of the USA are owned by the large corporations who have the money and intelligence to make the governments dance to corporation’s music.

The Corporation’s primary objective is to make money for their share holders and so, for a corporation to make money they have to do everything possible to do so.  See the movie available on the internet – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Corporation_%28film%29

The Corporation is psychopathic.  See the definition.

Federal governments are influenced in many ways to make life easier for the Corporations to make their profits,  Lobbying is the term used and good old money is the currency.   I have just found a very recent article published by the Guardian newspaper concerning how major US Corporations have given millions of dollars to various US Senators in order to fast track the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).    Fast track is the term used to get the bill signed without due process of discussion and argument and understanding.   It goes something like this:  “Senator Rob XXXXX of the state of  XXXX,  vote to Fast Track this TPP bill and we will give your election campaign office $120,000.  Agreed?  Good?”.  See the full article at this link.


You should be aware of the TPP because Canada and 11 other countries are entering into this trade agreement that seems to be primarily to the benefit of the major corporations and NOT to the various governments and certainly not to the average citizen.  And it seems that the details of the agreement are still secret.  What?  Our government is not letting us know what they are getting us into!  What?  We just might not agree with our government.


The reason I bring up the TPP and Corporations and the lack of Democracy is that this process is exactly the same as the Wireless business in Canada and the US.    We,  the citizens that are aware and are concerned, are not being listened to by the Corporations or by our elected Government departments – Health Canada being the major one.  Why?  It is because the Corporations have paid so much money to the governments that the Governments cannot change the rules now.  I am not saying that in Canada that the Corporations are paying Senators or the political parties directly similar to what is happening in the US.  The Canadian Government itself  is receiving lots of money from all aspects of the wireless business:  taxes on all sales,  rent of wireless spectrum to the wireless companies (example – Canada wireless spectrum 2500 MHz Auction 2015 January netted about $750 million).

If the Canadian government were suddenly to change its policy and start listening to the concerned citizens and start to remove  or limit the RFRAD devices then they would be forfeiting a huge portion of their income, which they have used to balance the federal budgets.  We would all feel the pinch:  hospitals,  schools,  the military.

So in my view, the current fight of the citizens concerned about the huge growth in the RFRAD and wireless business and electro pollution from Smart Meters,  cell phones and the ubiquitous WiFi will continue until we have enough scientific evidence to prove in court that RFRad is actually damaging our health and that the federal government then must act to prevent further harm.  This will cause  major economic stress on the government but for the continued health of it citizens, it must be done.   My guess is within 4 years from now we will see some major changes.

(by ted@stopsmartmeterbc.com)

8 thoughts on “If RF Radiation is so bad then why are we having so much trouble getting rid of it?”

  1. I am suffering from electrosensitivity related to exposure to nonionizing radiation. I do not know if the radiaton exposure caused this sensitivity or if it just triggers the symptoms. So many people are already suffering from it and they know what triggers their symptoms. Many are suyffering but they do not know what triggers their symptoms. Perhaps the overreaching greed of the industry may do them in after all. They are putting out wearable non-ionizing radiation emitting devices and even more people are getting sick. It is easier to connect the symptoms when it is triggered by something that you actually wear. Perhaps when hundreds of thousands of people get ill from this–there will be a way to stop it. For now–they just keep calling us mentally ill and thy keep denying the truth. At some tipping point, it will be evident. There can’t be millions of ‘mentally ill’ people who all get ill when they are exposed to non-ionizing radiatin. The studies are increasingly showing the biological activations and certainly show that it is affecting people adversely. I wonder what makes the author think the tipping point will be in 3-4 years. It has already ruined my life but maybe others will be luckier and the science will show the truth!

    1. Hi Veronica
      There are so many people with EHS that really do not understand what they have. Many, IMHO, think that they are just tired or going through a phase of life or maturity when it is actually EHS.

      You asked about my guess about the tipping point in 3-4 years. This is just IMHO a guess and a hope. I am deeply involved in the anti-RFRAD advocacy groups and I read so much of what is going on. There are many many people that are suffering and the various governments and organizations are not assisting in any way. I am speaking of Canada and the US. Some European countries are far far ahead of Canada and the US in their understanding.
      Also I see so many studies, some of which I do not understand because they delve into the chemistry of the cells. In these studies which are NOT sponsored by the government or the wireless industry they show that there is a definite connection between RFRAD and EHS and other health damage like brain cancer from cell phone.
      It seems that Health Canada is waiting for a study that shows the exact mechanism by which RFRAD impacts health. I believe that there are sufficient grounds to believe that RFRAD does impact health. If you see smoke then you must assume that there is something hot or on fire. You do not have to understand the chemical mechanism that causes fire and the resultant heat and smoke. The Neanderthals understood this.

      So, based on my deep immersion in the whole RFRAD – health issue, I see so many good studies that will soon, MUST SOON, be taken seriously. If not voluntarily by the government then by many class action suits supported by 1000’s of people. When this happens then hang on to your hat and shirt because it is not going to nice. The first suits I suspect will be by a person with brain cancer that is demonstrated unequivocally to be from the use of the cell phone. The next will be from a person whose health has been damaged by sleeping next to a Smart Meter for 3-4 years. Power companies like BCHydro and FortisBC will have NO insurance coverage and thus must dig into their general revenue. Consider what will happen to the provincial government when they have to backstop all claims against BCHydro and FortisBC. Not a nice picture.

      So my bottom line is that our democracy has been taken over by the many large corporations and they care only about making money. Bottom line.


    2. Veronica, There are more and more studies showing correlation between exposure and physical responses. Of course more needs to be done to show definite causation, but doctors such as Belpomme in France have shown that many people who are sensitive have increased histamines, like those with allergies. Some people benefit from use of antihistamines. Other doctors are recommending melatonin at night. Good recuperative sleep helps the body to recover from the onslaught of RF during the day. Of course, turning off all electricity during the night helps, too. Avoidance seems to be the most effective aid, but that is easier said than done in this world.
      Good luck.

  2. Having survived eight decades on this planet I thought I had experienced almost every physical anomaly a human might endure, however two episodes lately have me ‘sitting in the upright position’.

    A couple of months ago I was attending an association’s AGM & after about an hour & a half I began to feel faint & would lean to one side involuntarily as if I might fall off the chair. When it came time to leave I could barely navigate & then only by using objects along my path to support me. Once outside I staggered a bit like a drunken sailor & when I turned suddenly to acknowledge a friend who had called my name, I started to pass out & grabbed a light standard that luckily was right beside me.

    The true friend turned out to be none other than Una St. Clair the Executive Director of Citizens for Safe Technology. Una came over to me & held me (sigh) for a few minutes until I was able to reach my car, but only with Una’s support beside me.

    Once inside the vehicle I had to sit for a good half hour before I felt I was safe enough to drive & even then I was still a bit shaky. It was like having one drink too many at a business-after-hours function.

    Una had explained to me that I was sitting right under a wi-fi router that was active. Being severely EHS herself, Una was unable to remain in the building for more than a few minutes.

    At a community play rehearsal some time later I began to experience similar symptoms & when the question was asked was informed that yes indeed, the building had wi-fi. Gratefully from then on it was turned off for rehearsals & performances.

    When I told others of these occurrences there were many “AHA” moments as some recalled experiencing similar episodes but blaming some other function or malfunction as the cause. Mankind, especially in busy urban areas, is immersed in a soupy smog of radiation of which individuals are unable to recognize by touch, taste, smell, sight or sound its continuous, invasive, toxic & lethal presence. jem

    1. Every time I turn around I see another example of the power of the major Corporations to control the governments.

      Here is a piece from GLOBAL RESEARCH
      Rule By The Corporations:
      The TTIP, The Corporate Empowerment Act

      “Free trade” is used as a disguise to hide the power these agreements give to corporations to use law suits to overturn sovereign laws of nations that regulate pollution, food safety, GMOs, and minimum wages.


      And I would suggest that these corporations in Canada and the US and elsewhere are Lobbying and passing money to the various political groups to ensure that this bill is passed quickly, quietly and with hardly any discussion of the implications of the future power of corporations over sovereign states like Canada, the US itself and the other signataries to this bill.

      At this rate, democracy will soon be completely gone and all decisions will be made by the 4 or 5 biggest corporations left standing. There are lots of stories written with this theme, mostly in SciFi.

  3. Ted, these are my opinions, take them with a margarita, and a lime, and the usual grain of salt, cause its gona hurt…number one, there are no citizens and there are no governments..these people called govern mind/ments, are nothing more then fat cat criminals, taking yours and mine money, they call it taxation, i call it theft, they then use this against all of the people.. a good question to ask them is “would you put your head in a microwave oven?..no?, then imagine thousands, and/or millions of cell towers and smart meters…were cooking ourselves to death..those that call them selves government are just living the life of kings on our backs, its time we threw them out, and told them to get a real job.

    oh? your a citizen?, really? PROVE IT.. it is said a citizen has a duty of allegiance, and the so called government has a duty of protection, but since many court cases say there is NO DUTY to protect you, then how can there be any citizens with any duty to them?..its a good delusion, like radiation is ..ok, really?, lets ask madam Currie..oh wait shes dead.. from radiation. different isotope, same outcome, slow death by radiation..bet them gov co types dont see that, cause of all them plastic money blocking their eyes and intelligence. On a last note, smart meters “man”dated?..really? well MY MANDATE supersedes their radiation agenda21 mandate..are we slaves? to be forced into this, or are we wo/men whom dont take kindly to forced rape/extortion? see etymology on those 2 terms.

      1. Hi Artie (Your ip shows that you are in Ireland but the web server is from the Phillipines)

        If it was as simple as switching it off and then there would be no RF Radiation then that would be wonderful and we would live happily every after.

        However, the RF Radiation that we are getting hit with now in most places on earth is from RF transmitters that we cannot turn off. The radiation from cell towers (or masts), the radiation from the cell phone in our pocket, the radiation from the wi-fi routers that now infest all coffee shops, malls and homes AND the new wireless smart meters that have attached themselves to the sides of our homes.

        We, in BC Canada, are able in some circumstances, to keep the non smart meter but have to pay about $32 per month for some person to come by every other month or 3 to read the meter. That is a punitive action by the power companies.

        And for all of the other sources of RF radiation we generally have no say as to where it is located.

        We are all now living in a sea of RF Radiation and many studies have shown that RF Radiation, although quite weak in places harms the health, not immediately, but in the long run. This is just like tobacco smoking where it may take 20 years of moderate smoking for many to get cancer. Not all will get cancer, just the unlucky ones. It is a statistical game of Russian Roulette that we are all playing.

        So Artie, we cannot just turn it off. Maybe in the future when everyone understands the health impact we will begin to limit the extent of RF Radiation.

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