Governments and the Telecom industry know about the harmeful effects of RF Radiation

You know lots about Exxon Mobil, the world’s largest publicly traded international oil and gas company.  It has just earned  $16.2 Billion in 2015.  Wow, what a huge corporation.

In such a huge company, you would think that there would be some people in management that understood something about Global Warming and the impact of the continued burning of fossil fuels on Global Warming.  Well, it appears that in 1977 (that is 39 years ago) the management of Exxon Mobile were informed of the impact that continued burning of fossil fuels would have on Global Warming but Exxon Mobile continued to do “business as usual:

  • fund the climate change denial groups
  • purchased drilling licenses in areas that would be ice free when global warming decreased the ice in the north
  • continued to drill and supply the market with oil
  • kept their knowledge secret

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Why is this of interest to those of you who are fighting the ever increasing levels of RFR (radio frequency radiation) from cell phones, cell towers,  wifi hot spots,  wifi routers, wifi computers,  smart phones, and on and on and on?  Why?  Because if Exxon Mobile kept the damaging effects of burning fossil fuel secret for almost 40 years, then you might be correct in assuming that the governments and corporations involved with RFR have been doing the same.

I contend that these organizations know and have known the health impacts of RFR and have known since before WWII. (remember Radar which transmits high powered RFR). That is over 75 years ago.  These organizations continue to grow and to pump out more RFR products and continue to deny that RFR causes any health issues.

So, why is this.  The answer, IMHO, is simply that there is so much money to be lost if the truth were known and understood by the people.  The world finances would take a huge hit,  governments would go broke,  people would sue everyone who kept the industry going.

One thought on “Governments and the Telecom industry know about the harmeful effects of RF Radiation”

  1. There is NO QUESTION about this in my mind…

    The absolute turning point for me was the work of Dr. George Carlo and his team who were HIRED by “Big Phone” in the late 1990’s to Disprove the harmful effects of RF… Well, they uncovered the fact that microwave radiation breaks DNA strands, to say nothing about opening up the blood-brain barrier almost instantly in microwave fields…
    Carlo et al were Discredited and covered-up!

    And this comes long after the effects of radar were known (the Russians first diagnosed this in the 60s calling it “radio frequency sickness”)… And even the use of RF tags on wildlife: cancerous growths were found on the animals and even Growing Around the RF tags themselves!

    There’s Tons of data out there–but don’t talk about it lest you’ll be tagged a Loon yourself; someone afraid of the “rays” from cell phones…

    But to get back on the topic, if you really want proof that Big Phone knows about it, read some of their obscure tiny fine print regarding the operation of phones… They put in a line about keeping it a Distance from the body or some such vague pseudo-warning–just to cover themselves, of course!

    This crap is right up there with the tobacco industry knowing all along the dangers of smoking… No, a better example would be the long-forgotten history of Fluoroscopes.. Another nasty invention which spewed dangerous radiation!

    Today I still use dial-up internet access (not only for safety but because, frankly, that’s All I need for internet access!) and keep my distance from all WiFi wireless crap… I’m also considered something of a Nut for doing so…

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