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5 thoughts on “Contacts – Media”

  1. Dear Sir/Madam The heavy handed castapoe tack tick`s were played out here two weeks ago during the bad storm we had hear . The power was out throught the whole area and some of the sub contractors showed up on my door step making impossiple demand -which in the end resulting in an assualt by RCMP AGGAINST MYSELF (hospital and charge`s to fulfill their demand`s in -25 degree celcius weather with phenomia .

  2. Dear Sir,
    I am with Fortis for my electricity. THEY don’t offer the 3rd option that B.C. Hydro offers- which is to have no device installed at all for -gulp- 402.00, which to me is better then NO option at all but to have 1 of these firehazard- health hazard meters in my home** At least customers from B.C. Hydro have that option- we do not. I have written the town, argued with Fortis and written our local M.L.A. and they all point at Fortis studies and do NOT consider the opinions or studies from around the world including the W.H.O. as being valid. Doctors and professionals from around the world have weighed in on this and evenetually smart meters have been taken out because of the risks they pose- but NOT before trampling on our constitutional rights not to be put in harms way by government decisions. How many homes have to burn down and how many people have to die from cancer before you will get your head out of your WALLET- this is public safety- R.Jill Beach , Castlegar, B.C.

  3. recently I rec my dec/jan bill. included was a 65$ failed meter install charge. I rent this house and apparently someone shower up in dec and had a verbal refusal, which I know nothing about

    your thoughts…I currently have a analogue meter and also paying 30+ per month for a legacy fee…help? know any good lawyers?

    1. Hi Larry
      If you, as the renter, refused the installation then you are subject to BC Hydro billing you for a “failed meter install”. This is the standard practice. However, if someone else, unknown, refused the installation then BC Hydro should not have done anything but should have re-tried to install. So, you may have to talk to BC Hydro people and explain that it was not you who declined the meter install. If BC Hydro cannot prove it was you, the renter, who gave a verbal refusal then they should remove the charge and start the process again. You can accept the install and you will not be billed the monthly legacy fee. If you refuse then you will continue to argue with them about keeping your analogue and pay the legacy fee. You may win or you may loose. BC Hydro is not sympathetic and it looks like the installation staff get “brownie points” if they manage to get a difficult install.
      Good luck. Please keep up posted. Ted

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