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  1. Could you please include me in your mailing list for the coalition to stop smart meters. Thanks Bert Willms

    1. Hi Bert
      You can subscribe to the UPDATE news letter see CONTACTS – COALITION
      Subscription to the daily Smart Meter UPDATE email from Sharon
      – Send email to Sharon with UPDATE REQUEST in the subject line
      – Sharon at director@stopsmartmetersBC.COM

  2. Fortis was in my neighborhood today installing Smart meters. I have opted out sent the appropriate lettters posted signs and locked my meter. They never even bothered to come on the property. I am assuming they will be on my case sometime in the future.

    For info only.

  3. Fighting fortis in Kelowna…still have old meter ..need help ..they trying to cut me off by Aug 19

  4. Hi I am Sam I have a smartmeeter
    That is makeing me sick who do I
    Contact to have the Origenal one put back I have been sick for two months

  5. Sam, I wish there were someone who would listen and replace your smart meter. Sadly, the best I can suggest is that you lodge a formal complaint with the BC Utilities Commission,
    What are your symptoms? Do you have other wireless devices in your home, such as wifi for your computer, wireless phones so you can walk around, cell phones? If you do, get rid of them right away. Chances are that these are weakening you so that the smart meter makes you sick.
    Email me if you want to discuss this.

  6. Sharon, I live in Arizona in an apartment bldg. They changed out our meters about 1-1.5 years ago and I believe they are these smart meters, what can we do ????

  7. Below is an interesting email I just received from Essentia. Feedback regarding their solution would be appreciated.

    Good afternoon, Lena,
    What is of priority is avoidance of microwave exposure in “lived-in” areas: bed-site, work stations and even the seating associated with entertainment: TV, etc..
    If you have access to such “scrap”, “basement/attic junk”. leftovers such as:
    metallic mosquito meshes, remainders of wire fences such as used for back yards/schools/parking lots – that is, grid-like thick conductive materials that scramble into annulment incoming microwave emissions (e.g. the screens used in microwave oven door panels)
    or dense metallic objects such lamp stands, metallic sculptures, tool boxes, metallic furniture legs, cast-iron radiators from older tenancies that absorb between 10 to 100 times incoming microwaves
    large leafy plants in metallic pots (clay, most plastics and ceramics, glass are very transparent to microwave emissions) that scatter into dissipation such signals

    and place them in the line-of-sight of the smart meter(s), you should be able to reduce otherwise injurious affectation from the smart meters,
    as your “lived-in” zones will thus be in the shadow of smart emissions as well as from signals produces by RFID chips from recently-retailed appliances that communicate
    with the smart meter (refrigerator, oven, TV set, etc.).

    Hopefully this reply helps.

    Note that to trace very precisely the beaming involved, consider using the ESSENTIA EM2, which is not only very advanced technologically put also has a small-scale pointer probe
    which can distinguish tiny microwave (and fast) characteristics such as electronic parts, chips, mini-transmitters in appliances, the smart meter itself (there are 3 of them,
    the last being a switching mechanism associated with the smart meter’s internal functioning that produces biologically significant emissions near 120,000 Hz which resonate with organs.

    Andrew Michrowski, technical advisor.


    (888) 639-7730 – toll-free in North America

  8. has anyone done the “notice of liability”
    I am curious if it is worth the time?

  9. What to do when BC Hydro comes to your home and wants to charge a fee for not replacing analog meter Vs radio wave meter (which apparently causes same micro waves but as I understand in less amount but same intensity?). They want to charge a fee over 60 dollars without my concent

  10. What to do when BC Hydro comes to your home and wants to charge a fee for not replacing analog meter Vs radio wave meter (which apparently causes same micro waves but as I understand in less amount but same intensity?). They want to charge a fee over 60 dollars without my consent. Thank you

  11. Hi Guys……My local Hydro Quebec company are ‘turning up the heat’ and sending further disconnection threats, stating unless I permit installation of one of these 2 types of meters, smart or ‘non-communicating, plus $200 installation/’compensation’ fee for the latter, they disconnect……they claim there is only 1000 holdout addresses in Quebec ( yet whole municipalities refused the smart meters years ago) anybody to contact about smart AND ‘non-communicating meter’ refusal here? If worse comes to worse, I don’t mind having that so called non-communicating meter installed ( if Hydro Quebec can be trusted on this) but the thought of ‘compensating’ them for this, is incredibly offensive, given their past greed and avarice towards their customers. Thanks

  12. Well here we go again, BC hydro is trying to replace my digital legacy meter with a smart meter, had a young man call me reading transcript stating that they have every right to replace my meter. BC hydro installed this meter in 2015 and state it has expired. is there anyway to find out what the expiry date would be? is there anyway to stop them from replacing the meter?
    thanks in advance for feed back..

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