Cell Phone Towers decrease Property Values

Jerry Flynn has been doing some research into the connection between the value of real estate and the proximity of cell towers.

1- New York Times news story, “A Pushback Against Cell Towers,” published in the paper’s Real Estate section, on August 27, 2010: 


2 – In December 2009, 27 Burbank real estate professionals signed a petition/statement offering their professional opinion that the proposed T-Mobile cell tower at Brace Canyon Park would negatively impact the surrounding homes. 


3 – “The effect of distance to cell phone towers on house prices” by Sandy Bond, Appraisal Journal, Fall 2007, see attached. Source, Appraisal Journal, found on the Entrepreneur website


4 – The Observer (U.K.), “Phone masts blight house sales: Health fears are alarming buyers as masts spread across Britain to meet rising demand for mobiles,” Sunday May 25, 2003 :


5 – “Cell towers are sprouting in unlikely places.” The New York Times reported on January 9, 2000 (fears that property values could drop between 0 to 40 per cent because of neighboring cell towers)!


3 thoughts on “Cell Phone Towers decrease Property Values”

  1. I want to get more updates on the relation between cell phone towers and real estate prices and types of development in proximity
    To cell phone towers

    1. I will see what new information I can find. But it is logical that as more people become educated about and aware of the health effects of prolonged exposure to this 2b carcinogen that they will refuse to buy homes that have cell towers located near them. Personally, I live in a gorgeous area with fabulous seascape views, with homes that people have invested large sums to build. Cell transmitters and towers were built very close to them, and homes do not sell. In fact real estate agents have said that when they arrange showings, their clients drive by and keep on going, not even keeping appointments. It is hard to say how much our property has depreciated when I couldn’t sell it if I wanted to.
      If I find other surveys, I will share in my updates.

  2. Read the ‘Brazil Study’ ‘Mortality by Neoplasia’ (Death by Cancer’) by A.C. Dode, and the 10 other studies almost identical to it. Of course no informed person wants to live near these things… property value is the least of the issues.

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