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Health Canada is corrupt and incompetent

Health Canada is corrupt and incompetent

June 17, 2015

Dear Editor:

This letter is written in regards to the recent RDOS moratorium on smart meters. I would like to congratulate and thank the board of the RDOS on passing the resolution asking for the cessation of the smart meter program. This district becomes the 61st municipal body in B.C. asking for caution regarding the installation of these potentially dangerous devices on homes.

The evidence provided by independent (non-industry affiliated) scientists is overwhelming and has led to more than 200 experts submitting a petition to the United Nations asking for a similar cessation of the proliferation of wireless devices

These 200 scientists have performed more than 2,000 peer reviewed studies showing that serious harmful effects are suffered after prolonged exposure to even low levels of microwave radiation. Certain groups are especially vulnerable – the unborn, children, and those with compromised immune systems.

RDOS director Michael Brydon says that if what director Tom Siddon presented is correct then Health Canada is corrupt or incompetent. He is right. A quick look at the recent review of Safety Code 6 Health Canada’s guideline for exposure to microwave radiation, will confirm this consensus by the scientific community

The process itself was mired in controversy. The Chair of the Royal Society Panel resigned after his conflicts of interests, taking money from the telecommunication industry, were exposed. Several other members of the panel have long-standing affiliation with the industry and other members have no expertise in the biological effects of wireless radiation.

Health Canada itself selected the studies to be reviewed, cherry picking those that supported the status quo, while neglecting more than 150 recent studies, many of which explain causation. Health Canada is corrupt and incompetent. This is its history – remember asbestos, lead, tobacco and now microwave radiation.

Hans Karow, Summerland, B.C.

Coalition to Reduce Electropollution (CORE)

(see letter on the Osoyoos Times website –

(editor’s note  RDOS = Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen )

Canadian parliament SC6 Committee hearings about “wireless” radiation

SC6 is so-called “Safety Code 6“, which is about human exposures to “wireless” radiation emissions from sources such as cellphones, wi-fi routers, cordless phones, laptops, tablets, baby monitors, so-called “smart” electricity and water meters, infrastructure antennas/towers/new streetlights, wireless tv/game/entertainment systems, wireless security, air, water monitoring systems, wireless gear such as printer/mouse/keyboard/speakers/microphone, anything bluetooth, any size of wireless-enabled appliance, etc.

AGENDAS for the SC6 Meetings

2015 MARCH 23
2015 APRIL 23
2015 APRIL 28


Listen Live to APRIL 23 and APRIL 28 meetings

Below are links where you can listen live to the two different meetings: April 23 and April 28. At the link there’s a small clickable below “General Information”: look for the label “Play, Download, or Subscribe”.
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Thursday, April 23, 3:30-5:30pm Eastern Time, Meeting Number 57
If that fancy-looking link above doesn’t work, instead start at the following link and click on “Thurs, Apr 23, 2015 HESA Meeting No. 57”:
Tuesday, April 28, 3:30-5:30pm Eastern Time, Meeting Number 58
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