Doctors speak out AGAINST WiFi in Toronto Parks.

In August 2013, Josh Matlow, a Toronto city Councilor started a push for free WiFi in Toronto Parks.   see

Also, do a web search to find more “public wireless internet in torontos parks”

In November 2013,   2 respected Medical Doctors  wrote to the Toronto City Councilors stating that WiFi in public parks is not a good idea.

It is imperative that City of Toronto does not install wifi’s in public parks and spaces.  I ask you to vote against Councillor Matlow’s proposal.

The doctors are:

Hugh E. Scully BA, MD, MSc, FRSCICI, FACS, Professor of Surgery, etc.  (see more details by doing a search on Hugh scully toronto)

Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D.  F.A.C.C.,  F.A,C.N, C.N.S (see more details by doing a search on Stephen Sinatra)

Please read the letters written by these two eminent doctors to the Toronto city councilors.

Letter from Dr Scully

Letter from Dr Sinatra – Page 1  –  Page 2

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3 thoughts on “Doctors speak out AGAINST WiFi in Toronto Parks.”

  1. I have been diagnosed with the EHS disability. (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity)
    The EHS disability is recognized by the Canadian Human Rights Commission.
    There are so many public places that are no longer accessible to me because of pervasive WiFi exposures in public places (grocery stores, libraries, museums, restaurants, buses, trains, planes).
    I know of teachers from 9 Districts in Ontario and across Canada who are now suffering from “microwave radiation sickness” from this indiscriminate electromagnetic radiation which is interfering with the electromagnetic fields in their heart or brain. Symptoms include heart arrhythmia, intolerable migraines (lasting for hours or days depending upon exposures).
    WiFi is RF radiation in the microwave range. Microwave radiation is cumulative, and I hear of others who are becoming sensitive.
    I understand that person’s ability to tolerate these microwave signals depends upon in combination, the age at which they are exposed, signal strength, duration of exposure, proximity to the signals, the number of cumulative exposures, history of other toxic exposures, and genetic variances. People living with Lyme’s Disease and immune issues are also more susceptible to microwave radiation signals.
    I love the outdoors, downhill skiing, roller blading, sailing, etc.
    WiFi signals have become intolerable to me.

    This environmental sensitivity makes it very difficult for EHS disabled people to participate fully in public places.
    EHS disabled people need public places which are accessible to them. Parks, beaches and forest areas are very important places which are currently accessible to EHS disabled people. PLEASE KEEP WIFI OUT OF PARKS, FORESTS AND BEACH AREAS FOR EHS DISABLED PEOPLE. This will also promote health for young (vulnerable) and elderly populations who are as Health Canada says “More susceptible to environmental agents”.
    Thank you kindly for considering my request for accessibility of Environmentally Disabled Persons.
    Shelley Wright

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