44 Reasons why CELL PHONES can cause CANCER



Is there a connection between cell phones and cancer?  Here are 44 reasons to believe that cell phones can cause cancer.

Cell phones emit microwave radio-frequency radiation. Fact.

This radiation has the ability to penetrate our bodies. Fact.

Our governments do virtually nothing to protect us from these dangers. Fact.

And yet there is strong evidence and multiple peer reviewed studies that indicate that cell phones cause cancer and other diseases.

Take a look for yourself at these facts from The Telemedicine Reporter – a Library of Eclectic Medical Wisdom.  Published 2015 Feb 10.

Look at this list of 44 reasons, lots of studies, quite technical.  And especially look at Reason  43. Cell Phone Radiation Cancer Time Bomb – the one with the graph that shows brain tumor cases could reach epidemic proportions within the next decade.

See the whole report on this – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Morgan-Addendum-G-Poster-108-How-Many-Brain-Tumors-v3-6-8-09-Compatibility-Mode-1.pdf

See full original article by Lloyd Burrell at ElectricSense

One thought on “44 Reasons why CELL PHONES can cause CANCER”

  1. I have looked at the report and have found a terrifying graph of Brain Cancers diagnosed by year if the latency is 30 years and if the Cancer is caused at the same rate as Asbestos.

    The prediction is almost 4 million Brain Cancers newly diagnosed in 2031 in the US alone. And this does not consider all of the cancers diagnosed in the previous years.

    Check it out.
    Click here

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