2023-02-10 Smeters and Magnetic Fields

1) Patti and Doug Wood have a very interesting program and interview Michele at about the 13 min. point about how smeters have changed her life. She, like us, was forced to participate in a smeter program where the smeter was only tested for accuracy — not for safety re. health or fires.

Not so smart meters with Michele Hertz

https://www.greenstreetnews.org/podcast/episode/90013a19/not-so-smart-meters-with-michele-hertz   (29 min.)

2) In one of the US groups there has been discussion about EMFs (magnetic fields) that make some people just as sick as RF. They can be caused by wiring problems on circuits running through the home, for example, and can travel on copper pipes. The existence of high fields can be found via a gaussmeter, but mitigating this problem can be very time-consuming and might require the help of an expert. If you are having problems and have your home assessed by a Building Biologist, include EMFs as well as RF. The link is to a table of effects associated with various levels of magnetic fields.

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In 2002, IARC classified magnetic fields from power lines, household wiring, etc as a 2B (possible) human carcinogen, the same classification as RF, lead, etc. but it appears that Health Canada supports ICNIRP’s guideline of 2000mG and, therefore, so do our utility companies.


According to BC Hydro,

pg. 13 – “Magnetic fields & health (continued) Many reputable health authorities such as the World Health Organization and Health Canada have conducted thorough reviews of all the different types of studies and research on EMF and health. These health authorities have examined the scientific weight-of-evidence and have determined that when all of the epidemiological and experimental studies are considered together, the consensus is that there is no cause-effect relationship between exposure to magnetic fields and human health. We recognize that there are members of the public who remain concerned with the scientific findings to date, and we’ll continue to monitor the scientific developments related to EMF.”

pg.14 – “Health Canada does not consider that any precautionary measures are needed regarding daily exposures to EMFs at ELFs. There is no conclusive evidence of any harm caused by exposures at levels found in Canadian homes and schools, including those located just outside the boundaries of power line corridors. (Health Canada, 2016)”


3) In the Feb. 8 update, I shared a letter written regarding the spread of cell towers in Comox Valley, and the science behind the concerns raised.


Here is a letter which demands a response, preferably from someone in the area. This fellow sounds as if he works or has worked for the industry and his letter begins:

“I read with a sinking and disheartening sense of dismay the letter from Suzanne Schiller regarding the pseudoscientific and groundless fears of harm relating to the electromagnetic radiofrequency radiation from cell towers and other sources of radio frequency transmission (RF-EMR radiation from cell towers a concern for Comox resident).

Here, I thought, is yet another person who has fallen prey to fringe ideas and is suffering needless distress over them.”


If you do respond, would you please share by sending to: citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca  with “Comox response” on the subject line.


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

“Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are.”     Bertolt Brecht

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