2023-02-08 New group active on Vancouver Island

1) Dr. Arazi continues to put pressure on the various countries in the EU to regulate cell phone emissions — and to enforce those regulations. I have asked him to provide a recording of the event, which I will share.

I am still waiting — 10 months and counting — for simple information from Health Canada about cell phones that exceed Safety Code 6. It is more than apparent that they do not want to give it — but I will persist.

European Parliament: Phonegate Alert invited to a workshop

The President of Phonegate Alert, Dr. Marc Arazi, will speak about the Phonegate scandal and the recent European collaborative campaign in partnership with European for safe connections.

We will provide an update on this important action to write to each of the national telecom regulators in the 27 countries of the European Union to protect the health of millions of consumers using cell phones.

Many European organizations representing electro-hypersensitive people (EHS) will be present during this exceptional event.”

European Parliament: Phonegate Alert invited to a workshop


2) A new group has formed in response to cell tower applications in Comox Valley. This link is to an excellent letter written to the local newspaper.


Below in Letters is more information about what they are doing and a request that you sign their petition. Please consider supporting their efforts.

3) Not RF related, but smeters do make disconnecting power easier. People are suffering dramatically due to the wild fluctuations in the weather while reaping huge profits in the USA.

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How Utilities Drive Shutoffs and Energy Injustice An ongoing project tracking utility service disconnections and corporate profiteering

“The epidemic of utilities shutting off people’s electric and gas service for nonpayment has continued unabated in the months since our earlier Powerless in the Pandemic publications, which tracked utility disconnections and corporate profits since COVID-19 began.1 Utilities shut off power to households an estimated 4.2 million times in the first 10 months of 2022.* The harm is real and self-evident, as are the solutions. Yet utility companies are still depriving U.S. households of power and heat millions of times a year while returning billions to their shareholders and executives.”




From: VISTA – Vancouver Island Safe Tech Alliance <VISafeTechAlliance@proton.me>

Sent: February 5, 2023 10:06 PM

Hello friends,

The Vancouver Island Safe Tech Alliance (VISTA) is busy preparing for our presentation to the CVRD, currently planned for Mon Feb 13, 10 am. We have a petition that we would love support with.

1. Petition: E-signatures

To E-Sign:

Email your full name, city/town, and email to:

Suzanne <sschiller@protonmail.com> with the SUBJECT LINE: Add name.

We will also have a few people collecting in-person signatures at various locations.

2. Other Areas People can help:

Endangered or at risk species?

There is an endangered species angle – does anyone know if there are any endangered or at risk species at either site? Species at Risk Act (SARA)


3505 Dove Creek Road, Courtenay (CVRD Area C)

We’ve recently learned that there is a fish bearing stream on one side of the proposed tower (the originally proposed location on the property). This small stream has just recently been labeled. If anyone is able to look into this and get some more information on this, that would be great – let us know what you find out.

1388 Ellenor Road, Comox (CVRD Area B)

We’ve heard that there is a group that apparently are concerned about the fish bearing stream at the 1388 Ellenor Rd property is the Little River Enhancement Society.  http://lresbc.ca/  It would be fantastic if someone would follow up on this and see whether the owner of the property is complying with watershed protection regulations.

Do you know a knowledgeable Vet?
Does anyone know a vet that is aware of the potential damage radio frequency (RF) radiation can have on animals? Or perhaps one that is open to learning about this, quickly? Maybe they would be willing to write a letter or make a statement?

Freedom of Information (FOI) Request

We’ve received a copy of the FOI from the CVRD. We’ve just started reading the CVRD Liability Insurance policy and it’s very interesting. We need someone on our team with knowledge of insurance document and liability agreements. From what we can see, not included in their policy are intentional acts, including intentionally releasing pollution and electromagnetic irritants are listed in the definition of pollutants. But we need someone with real expertise to see if we’re understanding correctly.

A copy of the FOI has been uploaded to the VISTA – CVRD Rules and Regs folder and can be accesssed using this link:


Main Proton Drive Link:


Vancouver Island Safe Tech Alliance (VISTA)

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Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

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