2023-01-26 Risks of 5G security

1) The number of new microcells being installed is astounding. With the majority being put on existing structures, whether power or telephone poles or on buildings, this co-location means there is no notification required by ISED — not to the City Councils nor to the residents who will be living feet from the transmitter. If this is happening in the USA, you can be sure it’s happening in Canada — most microcells that I’ve seen were “co-located”.

Concerned about 5G/4G Small Cells? “Colocation” Will Allow Telecom to Deploy 10,000 More of Them in the U.S. This Year

“An important point Schalnger called out is that the bulk of small cells to be deployed this year will be colocations, meaning additional equipment will be added to a site that already is connected to power and fiber, as opposed to whole cloth construction of a new site. He said a new site costs 90% more than a colocation. “The amount of capital we spend on a colocation is much lower. As we look out into 2023, the 10,000 nodes we are going to build are majority colocation…That shows the power of colocation—double the activity at only 10% of the cost…That’s the business model we’re in: build good assets, lease them over time, get good results and returns.


2) An update on a very important court case in the UK, about which information has been shared in an earlier update.

see 3) – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2022-11-24-cdn-pediatric-assoc-amended-guideline/

Included in this is a short video in which the two women are asking for support by people coming to the court when the appeal is heard on Feb. 6 and 7. It can serve as a reminder that if we do not participate in this battle to protect our families and the environment, we are responsible for the harm that results. Silence is acquiescence and is failure to participate.

Our government, too, has failed to inform the public; in fact, Health Canada has been misleading the public by saying things like “there is no credible evidence of harm” or that “cellphones are safe for children to use 24/7”.

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Two brave women decided to challenge the UK government with regards to the risks of 5G

“They consider that the UK Government has failed to inform the public about the risks of RFR (Radio Frequency Radiation) and 5G. Their action is relevant to other countries as well.”

UK Update: Feb 6 &7 Action Against 5G Court Case


3) An inherent feature of wireless technology is its vulnerability to hacking or to attack. But 5G increases that vulnerability because there are more parts with less control. Experts have warned about the internet of things resulting in our data going into the cloud and to parties unknown.

The risks of 5G security

“Among other things, 5G constitutes networks linked, often weakly, because each network and device within it may have different security protocols and technology….

With 5G-enabled automated communications, machines and devices in homes, factories and on-the-go will communicate vast amounts of data with no human intervention, creating greater risk….

“Low-cost, high-speed and generally unmonitored networking devices provide threat actors a reliable and robust infrastructure for launching attacks or running command and control infrastructure that will take longer to detect and evict,” he said.”

The risks of 5G security



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

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