2022-11-24 Cdn. Pediatric Assoc. amended guideline

1) There are interesting studies in the bibliography that were published more than 20 years ago that associated various occupations with higher risk factors.

Radiofrequency electromagnetic fields may affect heart health, new EWG analysis finds

Electromagnetic radiation in the radiofrequency range emitted by cell phones, tablets and other wireless communication devices is absorbed by the human body and may affect heart health, according to a new EWG analysis.

Human and animal research studies show that the cardiovascular system is sensitive to radiofrequency radiation. The developing organism, from the fetal stage through early life, is especially vulnerable to these exposures and their potential harms.


2) The Canadian Pediatric Association has amended its guidelines, recommending no screen time for children under 2 and an hour or less per day for those under 5. How many times have ads shown young babies holding cellphones as if they were toys? Many risks are outlined (as well as benefits !!) but there is no reference at all to EMF, or even blue light from screens which reduce melatonin production. This is a very disappointing guideline, giving parents no information about the actual physical effects young children could suffer, many of which could result in health problems years later.

Screen time and preschool children: Promoting health and development in a digital world

“This update of a 2017 CPS statement re-examines the potential benefits and risks of screen media in children younger than 5 years, with focus on developmental, psychosocial, and physical health. Four evidence-based principles—minimizing, mitigating, mindfully using, and modelling healthy use of screens—continue to guide children’s early experience with a rapidly changing media landscape.”


3) A major legal action against the government in the UK, supported by many professionals — doctors, scientists, engineers, etc. — with a full day of “Judicial Review” on Dec. 13. Details are at:


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The case details can be read at the link below. This is a battle we all should support because a precedent could be set that could help us. Our government is just as guilty of ignoring science, failing to inform the public, and allowing us to be exposed to RF at levels many times higher than those proven to cause serious, irreversible harm.


5G Legal Action – Help us secure a safer future

The government’s actions in authorising 5G are a breach of human rights. We are challenging the government to stop its unlawful action in failing to protect the public from the health risks from 5G technology which we all face through its rapid deployment.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

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