2023-01-09 Smart meters do catch fire

1) Experts have been begging, demanding that WHO and IARC review the current scientific evidence that clearly shows the causal relationship between exposure to EMF/RF and cancer. Now they are participating in a project funded by telecoms. Why new assessment of 5G when there have been studies for years on 2G, 3G and 4G? Regardless of the frequencies, the dangers have been found and reported — and ignored by WHO.

WHO’s Cancer Research Agency to Assess 5G Health Risks — But Not Until 2025

The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer will participate in a project to assess the health risks of exposure to 5G technologies, but critics accused the agency of ignoring already existing evidence and suggested the results could be tainted by industry partners.

“The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) on Monday announced it will participate in a new project that includes assessing the health risks of exposure to 5G technologies….

The project — Scientific-Based Exposure and Risk Assessment of Radiofrequency and Millimetre-Wave Systems (SEAWave) — aims to identify differences in exposure patterns between 5G and earlier mobile technologies, such as 2G-4G.

Horizon Europe and SERI (Switzerland) are co-funding the project, which will culminate with a risk assessment of 5G, set to be released in 2025.

Experts on the health risks of exposure to 5G technologies told The Defender that risk assessments should have been conducted years ago.”


2) More people are becoming aware of and concerned about EMF, thanks mainly to the proliferation of 5G. This town in Massachusetts is asking for a ban until 5G is proven to be safe.

Sheffield wants to ban 5G wireless until health questions are resolved. Will the town be able to stop it?

“We’re not saying [5G is] a bad thing,” S.A.F.E. President Nina Anderson said. “The FCC has not proven that this is safe for humans and especially our agricultural communities in Sheffield. It’s like smoking. Everyone was smoking back in the dark ages and the tobacco companies would never do studies.”

S.A.F.E. Vice President Kathryn Levin told the board that potential liability to towns looms “if someone gets sick.”


3) Last week I shared a newsletter from Arthur Firstenberg

1) https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2023-01-06-phonegate-no-cell-phone-testing-in-switzerland/

which had a lot of information about smeter fires. Jean Hudon, a very dedicated colleague in our battle against EMF, has gathered an amazing amount of information about smeters and the fires they cause. Why BCUC, BC Hydro, Hydro Quebec, or any responsible utility has kept smeters on homes, putting residents (and their customers) at risk is a question we should all be asking. Thank you, Jean !!

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For those who are new to our group, we have a lot of information on our website, including some very disturbing photos of burned smeters and homes.


Special bulletin: Smart meters that catch fire!



1477 Hodges Road, Parksville, BC – https://www.pqbnews.com/e-editions/?iid=i2022122102562167284&&headline=UGFya3N2aWxsZSBRdWFsaWN1bSBCZWFjaCBOZXdzLCBEZWNlbWJlciAyMSwgMjAyMg==&&doc_id=221221111657-3faad4c78fd33a4f805d93e215e859f4

From: Lavonne Garnett (name given with permission)
To: “vanessa craig” <vanessa.craig@rdn.bc.ca>, “tyler brown” <tyler.brown@rdn.bc.ca>, “jessica stanley” <jessica.stanley@rdn.bc.ca>, “lauren melanson” <lauren.melanson@rdn.bc.ca>, “bob rogers” <bob.rogers@rdn.bc.ca>, “lehann wallace” <lehann.wallace@rdn.bc.ca>, “stuart mclean” <stuart.mclean@rdn.bc.ca>, “leonard” <krog@nanaimo.ca>, “sheryl armstrong” <sheryl.armstrong@nanaimo.ca>, “ben geselbracht” <ben.geselbracht@nanaimo.ca>, “erin hemmens” <erin.hemmens@nanaimo.ca>, “paul manly” <paul.manly@nanaimo.ca>, “janice perrino” <janice.perrino@nanaimo.ca>, “ian thorpe” <ian.thorpe@nanaimo.ca>, “‘mayor” <mayor@parksville.ca>, councillorwood@parksville.ca, “mark swain” <mark.swain@lantzville.ca>, Twestbroek@qualicumbeach.com
Cc: “Nanaimo Bulletin” <editor@nanaimobulletin.com>, “editor” <editor@watershedsentinel.ca>
Sent: Friday, January 6, 2023 5:51:49 PM
Subject: Cell tower proposal

To: RDN Board Memebers and all decision-makers

Re: Proposed Cell Tower, 63 metres, 206 feet high at 1477 Hodges Road

Would you please provide evidence of “informed consent” provided to all who may be impacted by the installation of cell towers on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, including the proposed cell tower at 1477 Hodges Road in the French Creek area.

Residents need to be informed about the following:

* There is a drive to install 5 G cell towers throughout our communities, evidenced by an increase in applications for these towers.

* 5 G cell towers were erected in Nanaimo during Covid shutdowns without any announcements to the public, who have a right to be informed, regarding anything pertaining to their community. In fact, the City denied any knowledge of 5 G coming to the City, in spite of the fact that not long after, the City announced it was going to be a 5 G model city under the aegis of the UN Doughnut Economy model.

* When I asked the City of Nanaimo to include electromagnetic radiation in the Environment section of the UN Doughnut Economy model, only one Councillor, Don Bonner, responded, asking me to remove his name from my (nonexistent) list. This appalling lack of effort to read the science, which was provided, is not what we the taxpayers should expect from members of council. That they are unwilling, or perhaps unable to comprehend the seriousness of this sea of bio-active electro-pollution, is alarming.

* During Covid lockdowns fiber optic cables were installed in various communities. Why would our MLA, Doug Routley, say he knew nothing about such an installation? Does our Province not know what is happening within its borders? And, why is the telecom industry exempt for lockdowns? Installers were seen working together in close proximity to each other in the village of Cedar, when every one else in our society was made to keep a distance of at least 6 feet apart.

* Fibre optic is necessary for the various functions of 5 G technology, but Telus did not relay that information to the public.

* 5 G and other wireless radiation is a form of pulsed electromagnetic energy, saturating the air we live in, which means that there are rapid pulses of varied, irregular energy emitted, which is out of sync with our biology. This unnatural, bio-active energy is measurable on the human body, with sophisticated measuring devices. Simply put, it charges the air in which we live.

* Earth has its own natural frequency of 7.83 Hz (Schumann resonance, 1 Hz = 1 pulse per second), found deep in Nature. Radio frequency meters are normed to register ZERO, at Earth ambient frequency. A home with a very low radio frequency reading would measure a low 0.7 microwatts per square meter.

* Smart Meters pulse erratically through all the frequencies up to about 5000.00 microwatts per square meter, and outdoors in the City of Nanaimo there have been readings over 400,000.00 microwatts per square meter, 400,000 which is astronomically higher than the natural ambient frequency of our planet.

* 5 G, being a higher frequency than 4 G (wi-fi) requires micro cell towers between every few buildings to transmit signals, thus exposing people to EMR, in addition to all the pulsed radiation from cell towers, cell phones, cordless phones, wi-fi, microwaves, radio and television waves, electric appliances, and electric wiring. Unfortunately, human beings are exquisite conductors of electrically generated signals, causing damage, while the eyes are completely unprotected. Proponents will say that 5 G frequencies do not penetrate very far; however, keep in mind the larger picture, as you read on.

* 5 G satellites are being positioned throughout our atmosphere for the purpose of creating a world-wide grid connection to employ all the developing 5 G technology (eg., automated vehicles traveling everywhere).

* A 5 G technology system of this magnitude has never been biologically tested before and is therefore an unauthorized experiment being rolled out without any informed consent.

* Our planet has been extremely polluted by corporations and industry, such that our air, water, and food are contaminated, and we have collectively allowed this to happen; why should we trust this latest initiative?

* The decision to install 5 G cell towers will make way for this 5 G experiment to take place.

* Health Canada “Safety Code 6” has been maintained out-of-date by telecom lobbyists, and recognizes only thermal frequencies, such as x-rays, as being harmful. Independent scientific literature proves otherwise.

* Health Canada’s own website states about “Safety Code 6”: Limits of Human Exposure to Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Energy in the Frequency Range from 3kHz to 300GHz, that is, 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G – exposure time 6 min! There is no mention of total exposure of 24/7/365 anywhere!

You will hear arguments from both sides of this issue, with proponents’ offerings such as, “faster speeds” and the ability to monitor health to save lives. But, faster speeds with hard-wired computers and fiber optic is a healthier option, and using 4 G & 5 G technology for health benefits, such as body monitors, inflicts the very harms we need to avoid.

It is incumbent upon the Regional District of Nanaimo board members to inform the citizens it represents of all the risks, and then to have their feedback, including that of EMF scientists, and to vote according to what provides the most protection for the citizens. Otherwise, what are the risks of an experimental Earth-wide 5 G grid to life on Earth, not only to human beings, but to wildlife, our pollinators, weather formations and the unexpected? One cell tower might not seem such a big deal to some people that do not reside within its emissions radius, but a multitude of cell towers communicating with satellites planet-wide should give us pause and ask what is really happening. Any cell tower will cause biological harm over time, very much like pollution from toxic industries, as the microwave radiation it emits is biologically active. Could it be that much of what ails society stems from being bathed in unnaturally pulsed irregular frequencies, instead of in harmony with nature?

Now that you can consider yourselves informed of the issue of EMR, I would like to suggest that the RDN form a committee to study the effects of electromagnetic radiation so that you can make “informed” decisions. Three excellent resources are:

Physicians for Safe Technology–Cell Tower Radiation Health Effects– mdsafetech.org as it informs of the latest medical science and adverse effects;

Massachusetts for Safe Technology– https://www.ma4safetech.org/;  and

Canadians for Safe Technology– https://c4st.org/ .

For a quick medical read on adverse health effects:
International Doctors’ Appeal 2012 Wireless Radiation Poses a Health Risk. Physicians Demand Overdue Precaution!

Frank Clegg, from Canadians for Safe Technology and former CEO of Microsoft Canada, as well as other scientists and EMR experts can arrange times to be available to make educational presentations for RDN board members and the public.

Given that only 16 % of RDN Area “A” residents voted in the last election, if I recall correctly, to ignore the issue of electromagnetic radiation will only create greater distrust of the current system of governance. A new RDN Board initiative to study EMR (electromagnetic radiation) will reveal true care and due diligence in its role to do its best for its citizens in these times of rapid technological change without sufficient oversight.

For healthy, loving and peaceful communities,

Lavonne Garnett
RDN Area “A”
Nanaimo, BC


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

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