2023-01-06 Phonegate –> no cell phone testing in Switzerland

1) Arthur Firstenberg has gathered several dozen emails from people who suffered in various ways after smeters were installed on their homes. Their experiences are all too common. Imagine how many people are being made sick and didn’t write to Arthur, and how many are sick or had fires and don’t know that smeters are responsible.

Worldwide testimonies about smart meters, January 5, 2023

Five weeks ago, I asked people to email the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission (PRC) about their experiences with smart meters. Heartbreaking testimonies poured in from around the world. Stories about catastrophic effects on the health and lives of adults, children, the elderly, pets, farm animals, birds, wild animals, insects, worms, plants, neighbors, workers and entire communities.”

Worldwide testimonies about smart meters


2) A free webinar regarding the requirements for cybersecurity for fiber optic cable funding by the US government. Wired is far more secure than wireless, just as fibre is faster than any other wired or wireless.

Cybersecurity Requirements of BEAD

“The leading broadband industry associations have come together to launch a series of monthly educational webinars for State Broadband Leaders, NTIA, communities, and other key stakeholders focused on key topics related to implementation of the $42.45B NTIA BEAD broadband infrastructure funding program. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect every American with broadband, elevating quality of life for generations to come.

Please join us for our fifth installment of the multi-association monthly webinar series, Cybersecurity Requirements of BEAD, on January 11th at 1pm ET, presented by USTelecom – The Broadband Association and CTIA…. This webinar will include an explanation of what it means for a network service provider.


3) Dr. Marc Arazi and his Phonegate team have been asking Swiss authorities for information about cell phone testing and SAR regulations for years. Now they’ve succeeded in obtaining an admission that there is no testing, no authority in charge of cell phone ( or other NIR (wireless) ) regulations. This is even worse than Health Canada that at least does the occasional testing and ignores the SAR results. Dr. Arazi is relentless, persisting in asking the tough questions and demanding answers.

“Our revelations about what is happening in Switzerland are frightening and clearly raise the question of trust in the authorities in charge of protecting the health of users who are without any protection against the dangers of cell phones. This is a new victory in our action of alert and transparency:”

Read our press release with our Swiss partners

Cell phones and health: Swiss authorities still absent!

“On December 22, 2022, the General Secretariat of the Swiss Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communication (DETEC) answered our last question and after three years of waiting, here is the insane conclusion of its letter:

“After extensive research, the working group found that, as the legislation currently stands, there is no market surveillance authority in Switzerland that is competent for the health aspects of NIR products (e.g. verification of compliance with NIR limit values*).”

Cell phones and health: Swiss authorities still absent!


As an update on my cell phone testing investigation, after more than 8 months of asking for information, Health Canada continues to “delay”, telling me that they are ‘consulting’ with third parties. Last week I submitted an official complaint to the Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada. We have a right to full information about the testing of cellphones and how phones in violation are treated. I will tell you when I get a response.



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

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