2022-07-14 Telecoms combining R&D for 5G and 6G

1) As a follow-up to an item in the July 9 update (2) – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2022-07-09-newborns-with-rfid-tags/) about RFID chips being used to track babies in a hospital in Brampton, Ontario as long ago as 2008, a member went searching and found a more detailed article from 2008 that says as many as 2 million babies a year have been chipped. What happens when the baby leaves hospital? Is it still chipped, like a pet? This company went from tracking cash and “assets” to chipping babies. Anyone know the level of RF emitted by one of these things? Will someone try to get current info STANLEY Health?

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“People think of hospitals as safe and secure places, where life’s most important events happen.

The Hugs and Kisses infact protection systems have played an important part in ensuring safety of hospitals’ youngest patients since it was introduced in 1998. Today, Hugs and Kisses systems, which is part of STANLEY healthcare, protect 2 million babies annually at more that 1,600 hospitals worldwide.”


2) The Fiber Broadband Association‘s goal is to expand fiber optic as much as possible. They are participating in the US Federal government’s initiative to bring fast internet into under-served areas, bringing fiber to homes. They also work with telecoms who are expanding their services in fiber. In August and November, they will be holding conferences that could help educate those in charge of or interested in bringing fibre into communities here in BC and Canada.

Below in Letters and on their website is more information (www.fiberbroadband.org).  Please consider sharing if your community is considering starting their own fibre network.

3) Major telecoms are working together to enhance 5G and to build 6G, enabling new technologies to provide better, faster service. But this also seems to be about more and better data gathering. Why, if fiber is the future, is so much money and effort continuing to be spent on wireless?


Nokia, LG Partner On 6G To Light Up The Internet Of Everything

“The CEO of Deutsche Telekom, Tim Hottages, states “Everything that can be connected will be connected.” The Technocrat rationalization for connecting everything is to create an immense data collection enterprise that will be able to control everything on earth. This is not an exaggeration. It is a long-standing goal of Technocracy dating back to the early 1930s! ⁃ TN Editor”




You don’t want to miss the Regional Fiber Connect Series! Make sure you get these events on your calendars to get business back on track!


Over the past few years, the FBA’s Regional Conference with focus on the Fiber Broadband Starter Kit has been a great resource to new and prospective providers. It has been a constant and stable workshop at Fiber Connect that includes education content based on what we see as industry demand, what provides the highest value, and what is actually requested from the providers. We are excited to take this workshop “on the road” for our Regional Fiber Connect 2022 series.

The sessions are designed to help prepare community leaders, broadband operators and public officials that are planning to deploy fiber or are already in the process of building fiber broadband infrastructure. Our focus for sessions will be based on providing the tools needed to fund, design, deploy and deliver fiber broadband services across North America, including the who, what, when and how of broadband assessment, funding, getting community support and political will, brand positioning, marketing strategies, along with lessons learned from current service providers.


2022 Regional Fiber Connect – Colorado

Platinum Sponsor – ADTRAN

Gold Sponsors – Calix, Nokia

Supporting Sponsors include – Biarri Networks, Clearfield, CommScope, COS, Custom Tool Supply, DirecTV, EPB, Graybar, Innovative Systems, OFS, PLP, Ribbon, LYNN, Vetro FiberMap, Viavi, Wesco and more!


Each conference of approximately 200+ attendees will provide a road map to a successful network for those just considering a fiber build, or who have just started the process, including:

Network operators/service providers
Electric cooperatives
City and community leaders
Vendors and suppliers


You can contact Lucy Green at or (714) 768-1606 if you wish to place your company advertisement. Prospectus for all Regional Fiber Connects as well as floorplan for the upcoming Providence event can be accessed through the links below!


We hope to see you at all of our Regional Events!

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