2022-03-29 ISED report on cell phones tested finally received

1) After 2 years, ISED finally provided the list of phones they’ve tested over the last 5 years and the results are disturbing, as announced by Dr. Marc Arazi of Phonegate fame in his newsletter today. What is very shocking to me is in several of the emails I got (many of which I’ve already shared) ISED admits that the Safety Code 6 SAR limit of 1.6 W/kg isn’t meaningful. That it’s the exposure level determined by ICNIRP where adverse effects occur, 100W/kg, when ISED would get concerned. This strengthens the argument that SC 6 is meaningless — it applies to thermal only. It’s the dependence on ICNIRP that we must fight.

Unsafe Canadian cell phones: the list finally released!

“Of the ninety cell phones, eight of them, or nearly ten percent of the total, showed a non-compliant SAR above the regulatory level set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The head SAR for 1g of tissue must not exceed 1.6 W/kg, the same limit for the SAR trunk; for the SAR limb for 10 gr, the limit is 4W/kg.

These limits are known, yet the results of two smartphones manufactured by Google LLC are particularly disturbing as the controls performed in 2019/2020 show head SARs of 5.27 W/kg and 4.02 W/kg for 1gr respectively. These are some of the highest levels we have found since we obliged the French National Frequency Agency (ANFR) to publish over 750 test reports. The trunk SARs are also above the regulatory levels (2.89 W/kg and 1.82 W/kg).”



The report of phones tested:


A letter from ISED that came with the report:


2) EHTrust has provided a great summary of current evidence showing that EMF is a major contributing factor to the increase of infertility in developed countries.


Doctors caution that research finds sperm damage, reduced testosterone and impacts to ovaries….

“Davis cites the 2022 review “The role of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation on female fertility: A review” (https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/09603123.2022.2030676?journalCode=cije20) published in the International Journal of Public Health Research states, “To date, in vitro and in vivo studies unveiled that exposure to non-ionizing radiations brings about harmful effects on oocytes, ovarian follicles, endometrial tissue, estrous cycle, reproductive endocrine hormones, developing embryo, and fetal development in animal models” and concludes that non-ionizing radiation can “also affect other female reproductive parameters that might lead to infertility.””


3) Green Street Radio has been interviewing people on issues significant to our environment, among which is EMF. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn of this interview in time to tell you but this interview will be available on Grassroots Environmental Education website soon. In looking at their website, I found a very interesting interview that was done some time ago (pre-publishing of NTP study) with Dr. Joel Moskowitz entitled “What scientists know and you don’t.” I’ve signed up for their newsletter and hope that I will get notice in time to let you know about upcoming interviews.

“Tomorrow on Green Street Patti and Doug are happy to welcome Dr. Kent Chamberlin, professor and chair emeritus of the University of New Hampshire Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering who served on the New Hampshire State Commission that studied the health and environmental impacts of wireless communications, including cellphones and 5G.

Find out what the panel learned, and what they’re doing about it, from someone who can make even complex things simple!”

http://grassrootsinfo.org/cellphonesandwireless.php            (Interview with Dr. Moskowitz at bottom of page, 36 min.)


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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