2022-01-10 ART calling for personal stories re. EMF

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1) In the article, Item 1, of the update 2022-01-08, there was a problem with the LA Times article re. Exponent. Here is the corrected one:

Toyota calls in Exponent Inc. as hired gun


2) Americans for Responsible Technology has filed a significant petition with the FDA, asking for EMF to be declared an “imminent hazard“. ART is asking for personal stories about how EMF/RF exposure has affected you or one of your loved ones. So many people are suffering from health problems that have been caused by exposure to various wireless devices — cell phones, cell towers, cordless phones, smeters, etc. and this is a great opportunity for these experiences to be told.

Please help the people in FDA to realize that these problems are real, and that real people are paying the price for the scientific warnings about wireless radiation being ignored by sending in your stories.


Our Legal Petition to the FDA

“On December 21, Americans for Responsible Technology filed a historic legal petition with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The petition sets out the reasons why FDA should immediately issue an “Imminent Hazard” declaration regarding public exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless devices and infrastructure (“wireless radiation”) in the absence of APA-compliant health-based standards from the FDA….

Public comments supporting our petition are critical to helping us convince the FDA to take action. The FDA has opened a “docket” on our petition, and you are welcome to share your thoughts about this legal action on the FDA website. Our docket number is FDA-2021-P-1347. A link to the comment page is below….

Tell your story. Your personal stories of how wireless radiation has affected your life and the lives of others you know are critical to helping the FDA (and the court) understand the scope and breadth of the problem.”


Cece Doucette of Massachusetts for Safe Technology has sent a newsletter about ART’s petition supporting ART’s plea for personal stories.


3) A member sent in this article, suggesting replacing “alcohol” with EMF/RF. This entire article really could pertain to wireless radiation in just about every way even down to there not being a label informing customers. A major deviation is that 25% of the public seems to be aware that drinking can cause cancer. My bet is that the number of Canadians knowing EMF/RF can cause cancer as well as many other health problems is far lower.

Alcohol should have cancer warning labels, say doctors and researchers pushing to raise awareness of risk

“It’s not a secret, but it may as well be. Few Canadians know the truth, and few may want to hear it: Alcohol, any amount of alcohol, can cause cancer. There is no safe amount, and the calls to inform Canadians are growing.

“Even drinking one drink a day increases your risk of some cancers — including, if you’re a woman, breast cancer — but also cancers of the digestive system, the mouth, stomach,” said Tim Stockwell, a senior scientist with the Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research at the University of Victoria.

“The risk increases with every drink you take.”…

“It’s shocking. In an information era, we have warning labels on everything I can think of. I bought my kids fishing rods this summer, and their fishing rods have warning labels that say this fishing rod can cause cancer. Whereas, you know, a level-one carcinogen that is everywhere has no particular warnings on it.””


4) Having learned the hard way, some young women speak about their breast cancers, one that had a tumor that was the same length of her cell phone.

Did Your Cell Phone Give You Breast Cancer?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClyqYXUsFfk (14 min. video)


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”   Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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