Update 2022-01-08 Canada’s safer approach re. 5G at airports

1) I am hoping that, by keeping you informed about Exponent’s history as a hired gun for any industry that will pay their price and that Dr. William Bailey is one of the bent scientists that works for Exponent, you will help us in our battle with BCUC about FortisBC’s application for a “smart” gas meter. FortisBC’s expert, and the company that has written the reports saying EMF is not dangerous, is Exponent. We need people to write to BCUC about this, to question Fortis’BCs reason for using such a despicable company if it really thinks it’s smeters are safe, etc.

Is NH Getting ‘Hoodwinked’ on Health and Safety By Northern Pass?

“Dr. Stanton Glantz of the UC San Francisco’s Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education, has followed the work of Exponent, Inc.

“(Exponent experts) have worked for tobacco companies, chemical companies, just about anybody you can imagine. They basically specialize in coming up with scientific looking reports that serve the needs of their clients,” Glantz said. “They did a lot of work for the tobacco industry contesting the evidence that second-hand smoke was dangerous.”

Exponent also did a lot of work for Toyota, he said, referencing a Los Angeles Times article. “If you cast things as your expert opinion, you can get away with a lot of stuff. You can make a lot of money.”

There’s a small number of firms that specialize in science denialism and obfuscation, Glantz said. “They are one of the bigger ones,” he said of Exponent, Inc.

FairWarning wrote about Exponent, Inc., last December. The New York Times ran a long piece about Exponent’s work in the Deflategate scandal.”


2) As far as I know, ISED continues to take a different approach than the FCC re. 5G at airports, acknowledging the potential harmful interference with aircraft that could result. I wonder how Canadian airlines that fly into the US will react to the US’s more lenient approach.

Canada Limits 5G To Protect Air Travel

“On Thursday, ISED, acting on the results of a study initiated in August, concluded that without further restrictions, 5G services in the 3.45 -3.65 GHz band would pose dangers to radio altimeters, which operate in the 4.2 – 4.4 GHz band.

The Canadian restrictions include “exclusion zones” around 26 airports where outdoor 5G base stations would not be permitted to operate—but indoor 5G operations would be allowed. ISED has also established “protection zones” where 5G operations would be allowed, with restricted power.”


3) A member in Victoria received a notice of a prolonged power outage by BC Hydro. I have copied part of it below in Letters. When she asked BC Hydro the reason for the outage, after waiting on line for 20 min., she was told the representative didn’t know. Has anyone else across BC experienced such a planned outage? If so, did anyone find out what the “Upgrade” was? This will bring the problem with the digital phone to light for many people. I hope the weather is warmer and that no one with a digital phone needs emergency help.

4) Wearing wireless gadgets has become a fad that is growing and, with the Internet of Things, this means more ways to capture data and to influence activities.

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Concerns About Body-Monitoring Tech Now Include “risks of stress and addiction”

“Body-monitoring wearables may be popular; however, they do come with various risks. Over the years, wearers have reported burns, rashes, electric shock, and other undesirable symptoms from watches and other wearables. Of course, these devices emit harmful wireless radiation. While some government agencies have taken steps to warn and protect citizens from exposure, this is still not happening in the U.S. and elsewhere despite lawsuits and petitions. Got pets? Exposure can affect them too….

A new article from Tech Xplore covers additional concerns.”




& https://app.bchydro.com/accounts-billing/rates-energy-use/electricity-meters.html

BC Hydro Power Smart

Outage Notification

From: Monday, January 24, 2022 09:30 AM (estimated)
To: Monday, January 24, 2022 03:30 PM (estimated)

Reason: System Upgrade

Prepare for the outage

Before the outage begins, turn off electric heaters, major appliances and unplug sensitive electronics to protect them from damage. If you rely on electric medical equipment or access doors, have a plan to maintain use.

Why we plan power outages

Planned outages allow us to safely maintain and improve our electric system, which helps reduce the frequency of unplanned outages caused by storms and equipment failures. We understand that outages are inconvenient, and we appreciate your patience.


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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