2021-12-08 – 2 major legal cases — OTARD and SMeters

1) Yesterday (Dec. 7), there was a hearing in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania regarding smeters. The plaintiffs are charging that the smeters exacerbated their EHS symptoms. Laura Murphy has shared the files including amicus briefs with very compelling statements which can be found in this compilation of briefs at:


And here is her lawyer’s second brief. A lot to read, but this could help us.


Click to access Second-Brief-for-M-Povacz-and-LS-Murphy-v.-Pennsylvania-PECO-Docket-Nos.34-35-MAP-2021-Nov.12-2021.pdf


2) In response to recent “problems” with Telus’s landlines, and my unanswered questions about being able to have phone and internet service in the event of power outage, a member shared her experience with Shaw’s digital phone. Her email is in Letters below.

Please note that in addition to problems with Shaw, BC Hydro told her that during an outage, people need to call in so they will know that more than one person is involved. Weren’t we told that one of the major “benefits” or justifications for smeters was so that BC Hydro would know immediately if an outage had occurred? Apparently, we were misled once again by BC Hydro. I wonder if BCUC knows?

I hope you will consider raising this issue with your MLA [https://www.leg.bc.ca/learn-about-us/members]  and writing to your local newspapers [http://www.stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Media-List-B.pdf] about what is happening. People don’t realize they will lose their phone and access to family and friends as well as to emergency service. I am going to write again, this time to:

Solicitor General & Minister of Public Safety Mike Farnworth <PSSG.Minister@gov.bc.ca>

because this is a public safety issue. I also believe the Ombudsperson [http://bcombudsperson.ca/contact] needs to get involved with this and perhaps the Auditor General of BC Carol Bellringer <bcauditor@bcauditor.com> .

BTW, 2 more people have told me of loss of service last week.

3) Dafna Techover, one of the attorneys fighting OTARD, has provided a short summary of the court hearing that occurred yesterday re. OTARD amendment which gives the FCC the right to install an antenna basically anywhere it wants, without notice or objection, even on private property. If this is allowed in the USA, I fear that it will be a matter of time before the telecoms talk ISED into letting them do it in Canada.

CHD v. FCC: Hopeful OTARD Hearing & Webinar Registration

“The judges’ questions led the FCC to reluctantly admit that we are correct in our assertions as to the impact of the rule amendment: no notice of installation of these antennas is required; there is no ability to object to their installation; and that essentially, the FCC considers any barrier to installation unreasonable and therefore unlawful, so indeed all state and municipal laws are preempted except for compliance with electric, building and fire codes.”

Join Our OTARD Webinar – I know many people have questions about this case and its implications and have questions. Therefore, on Wednesday, December 15, at 3 pm ET, Scott McCollough and I will conduct a webinar with a Q & A session in which we’ll discuss the case and the hearing.

Register for the Webinar Here  (pre-registration is required). We thank 5G Free California for hosting this event.”




I presume you wrote this about having Telus line problems and them trying to put fibre optics coming on to your drive way.

So we live here in Shirley on the Island and we are on Shaw. Shaw is on a battery when we have an outage, that battery lasts 8 hours but we can have our landline only last half an hour sometimes. The 8 hours is for all the phones attached to that particular battery and if many get on the phone to talk during an outage for a long time, that battery will be used up as early as just half hour into the power outage. So, it would be the same with Telus. When you have a power outage, there is no electricity to run anything, your phone included unless Telus has installed a battery for such a case.

So, in a power outage… the only thing that should work temporarily should be your phone. We were told we need to tell BC Hydro of the outage because they will not send anyone unless they have at least 2 people call in on the outage…. interesting because you would think that a computer would have a smart meter reading notifying them of this of where the power outage is. But, according to Hydro, they have no way of knowing where a power outage is, according to them.

So you will have a phone for a small period of time…. and if you have a generator, it will give your home power but you will not necessarily have phone or internet. Often we don’t have internet access or landline during a power outage and that has just started in the last year and a half only. We don’t know why this is. So even if you have a generator going like we do, you may not have internet signal or landline…. It now seems that the phones as of late are connected to the internet modem and so if one is out the other is as well and it occurs for the entirety of the power outage or sometimes for some of it.

We have that problem of not having any emergency contact during the power outages and here where we are the power outages average 18 hours long and Shaw nor Telus or even BC Hydro care about that in our rural communities. We are last priority even though we have the most power outages where we live here in Shirley than anywhere else on the island.

So, now you know that generator doesn’t necessarily mean you will have phone or internet access even though you have one running, but you definitely need one on to have at least the internet running.

Hope any of this helps.


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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