2021-11-10 A DE meter to consider

1) With regard to the item in the other night’s update [3) – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2021-11-08-more-on-change-loss-of-911-service/] about pets being as susceptible to EMF as we are, a member who is a Building Biologist shared the important information below. At night, we turn the electricity off at the panel for all the rooms adjacent to our bedroom, including the one below, hoping to make our refuge as safe as possible for us and Coco, our young dog. We did this with our last dog (plus giving both of them melatonin before bed) and she lived to be 15.

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Animals, Pets, Health, Wi-Fi and Wireless Devices – https://www.activistpost.com/2017/12/pets-may-affected-wi-fi-electronic-devices-even-arent.html

“In regards to pets, people should also be made aware, that the beds of their pets should not be located near any electrical (outlet). Electrical fields, even when no electricity is used, extends 6 to 8 feet out from the wiring, inside the walls and floors. Ideally the location where pets sleep, should be checked, with a body voltage, or EMF meter.

About 3 years ago, our cat hardly drank any water, in the heat of summer. When I measured the voltage of water in his dish, I was stunned how high the voltage in the water was. The culprit was the wiring inside the walls, close to his food and water dish. Once we move the bowls to an area of the dining room, where the power was turned off completely, at the fuse panel, he started drinking his water again. This illustrates how electricity not only affects us, but also our pets. Unfortunately, vets and human physicians, are not trained in this field of prevention.”

2) One member has asked Safe Living Technology for the type of meter that would be necessary to measure DE [Dirty Electricity] from the optic conversion box Telus is installing when it cuts the copper line for the home phone. The response is in the letter below. Dirty electricity is something that we all should be cognizant of and there is no way to know if there is a problem without a meter. And measurements need to be taken frequently, as things change. Also, this type of meter will help identify things in the house which cause DE, such as lamps with transformers (dimmers).

3) A webinar that was scheduled for today has been rescheduled for next Wednesday, 10 am PT. It is about smeters. This is one of a series of webinars talking about various legal issues associated with wireless technology, and the others have been most informative and thought-provoking. You must register, and I hope you will send in some good questions for them to answer.

“NOTE! Nov. 10 webinar has been rescheduled to:

Wednesday November 17, 2021 Webinar on:
Smart Meters
10 am – 11:30 am Pacific, 1 pm – 2:30 pm Eastern

Join Julian Gresser, Doug Wood, and a distinguished panel of experts and those injured by over-exposure to smart meters (electric as well as water) to discuss the science, the law and the status of this ubiquitous and dangerous exposure to EMF and magnetic field radiation from smart meters and their associated electrical panel radiation”




A Line EMI meter may be worth considering, if interested in performing DE measurements directly on the electrical line:


Unfortunately, we do not know the exact frequency range(s) of LED street lights, but DE is classified as electric field frequencies above 2 kHz (i.e. electrical ‘noise’).

The Safe and Sound meter is intended for RF measurements, and will not be the proper tool for the job.

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